1 Inch Lug Type Air Shaft


Name:1"Rubber Lug Air Shaft
Model:1inch diameter
Expanding elements:Rubber Lugs
OD:24.5mm-24.8mm(can be customized)
Inner Diameter of Applicable Tube:25.4mm(Customers need to inform their CORE ID exactly)
Shaft BodySteel
Shaft EndSteel

The inflatable shaft is the most widely used retractable reel. For coils of different materials and the weight, width, thickness, winding speed and tension parameters of the coils, the corresponding shaft material thickness and convex key specifications are different. The width of the coil is required to be> 80mm, and the wall thickness of the coil core reaches a certain thickness. For the different requirements of the use of various machinery, the product tube material can be divided into: steel and aluminum alloy materials. The steel surface treatment standard is electroplating hard chromium treatment, and the aluminum alloy surface treatment standard is anodized hardening treatment .

Features: The shaft body of air shaft is made of high-quality steel pipe, and the surface is chrome-plated. It is equipped with high-quality rubber bladder and fast filling and exhausting nozzle. It has good sealing effect, long service life, detachable shaft head and convenient maintenance. After inflation, the unilateral expansion height can reach 1.5mm to 2mm, such as the diameter before expansion is 24.5mm, the diameter after expansion can reach 27.5mm-28mm, special expansion height, separately required.

1 inch key type air expansion shaft, usually using the inner diameter of the coil tube 25.4mm.

Technique parameter 

ModelInner Diameter of Paper TubeShaft Diameter Before ExpandingShaft Diameter After Expanding
1″ ShaftΦ25.4mmΦ24.5mmΦ27.5mm-Φ28mm
1.5″ ShaftΦ38mmΦ37mmΦ41mm
2″ ShaftΦ50mmΦ49mmΦ53mm
3″ ShaftΦ76.2mmΦ74mm-Φ74.5mmΦ82mm
4″ ShaftΦ102mmΦ100mmΦ108mm
6″ ShaftΦ152.4mmΦ150mmΦ158mm
8″ ShaftΦ203.2mmΦ200mmΦ210mm
10″ ShaftΦ254mmΦ250mmΦ260mm
12″ ShaftΦ304.8mmΦ300mmΦ312mm

The purpose of the key strip type inflatable shaft: the product is used in the slitting, printing, rewinding, coating, laminating, bag making, paper making, electronic battery and other related machinery or other related center drive winding Used in conjunction with the material sending machinery.
1 Inch Lug Type Air Shaft
Air shaft prcocessing flow
1 Inch Lug Type Air Shaft

1 Inch Lug Type Air Shaft
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1 Inch Lug Type Air Shaft


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1 Inch Lug Type Air Shaft

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Order Details

Item Name1inch Lug Type Air Expanding Shaft
MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)1PC
Lead time15-18 days after receiving the deposit
Calculated Weight8kg/Meter
PackageCarton/Wooden Box
Price TermEXW,FOB, CIF, etc
Payment termTT,L/C,Western Union
Country of OriginChina