10-50kg Dry Mortar Bagging Machine with Valve Bag

Valve bag packer
BCS-50M automatic dosing valve bag packer is a new generation packer. It has four patents: low air pressure pulse conveying, super wearable airfloating device, automatic adjust double stroke gate valve, ceramic spout.
The packer is suitable for packing different type of raw materials. Such as industrial micro-powder, powdery pigment, powdery chemical, flour and food additive, all types of dry mortar and others.
10-50kg Dry Mortar Bagging Machine with Valve Bag

Technical parameter:
Capacity: 5-7 bags/min( note: different material, the packing speed is different)
Precision level: ±1%
packing range: 5-60kg
Material inlet size: Φ300mm
Ceramic spout size: Φ63mm
Valve bag mouth size: ≥Φ70mm
Max. Aggregate granular size: 5mm
Working ambient: 0-40ºC, humidity≤90%RH, no dew
working power: AC220V/50HZ
Voltage fluctuation range: -15%~+10%
Frequency fluctuation range: ±2%
working air source: pressure≥0.5Mpa, air consumption is 0.2m3/min
Dust collection air volume:≥2000m3/h
Standard outline dimension: LXWXH=1000mmX550mmX1500mm
The brand of main part:
Air cylinder:Airtac
Magnetic valve:Airtac
Electric component:Schneider
Control unit:Toledo
Touch panel:Kunlun tongtai(China)
Pneumatic butterfly:WAM, Italy
Electric control box:SUS304
Surface treatment: Whole machine is Electrostatic spray, mobile part is galvanized
10-50kg Dry Mortar Bagging Machine with Valve Bag



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