10 Inches CE Certified Power Take-off Hydraulic Wood Chipper

BX102R Hydraulic Wood Chipper has a tractor PTO powered rotor and hydraulic feed hopper, meaning logs, branches, limbs and brushes are control fed for continuous chipping at maximum capacity. 
A self-contained powered hydraulic system gives stable working to the chipper shredder, eliminating the hot problem of the hydraulic oil from working tractors. Hydraulic valves and hoses are protected. The hydraulic parts can work with durable long life. So the machine will be in use for a longer life-time using and less maintenance.

Advantages include:
1. 10 inches chipping capacity
2. Above 60HP tractor PTO powered and towed
3. With a self-contained hydraulic oil tank and pump system,
4. Solid and rock structure built with 700kg net weight
5. 4 double edges sharp cutting knives and 1-bed blade
6.  Latest CE strict safety standards 
7. More high efficiency and less maintenance by using branded parts and accessories
8. Using friendly with humanization design
9. Hopper folded for better and safer transportation
10. Double hands operating makes sure the higher safety and quality standard

Technical Specifications:

 Model BX102R
Drive SystemDirect drive PTO w/ shear bolt
Power Range 60~150HP
Chipping capacity 10''(254mm)
Flywheel Size 37''(diameter 940mm)
Rotor Weight 450lbs.(205kg)
No. of cutting knife 4
Cutting Knife Length  160mm
In-feeding System Hydraulic feed
Hydraulic system controlStop-Reverse-Forward-Stop
Feeding SystemDual horizontal hydraulic motorized rollers
Mounting System 3 point hitch
Discharge hood rotation 360
Net  Weight 1600lbs.(720kg)