10L-15L Jerrycan Blow Molding Machine

Technical Data for Blow Molding DM15D
 1.  General Issues
1.1.All documentation should be English
1.2.Machine operating manual including DWG. of Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Assembly drawing, Cooling water.
1.3.Max. volume of product:15L
1.4 Total weight 16 ton
1.5 Max. output 100pcs/h (product net weight 1kg,Sufficient cooling water temperature at 8ºC with an intake pressure of between 3.5 to 4.5 bars, with a Min. difference between intake and outlet of 3 bars. )

2. Clamping unit
 Adopt reliable two-plate axes mold locking.
 Double station.
 Mold carriage stroke: 720
 Linear roller guidance horizontal  HIWIN
 Clamping force: 270KN
 Mold platens H x W 520 x 560 mm
 Distance between the platens: 200-660 mm
 Auto lubrication for clamping unit

3.Die Head
Type of die head: continue head with view stripe(optional)
 Type of temperature sensors: K
 Heating power: 3KW(single phase)
 100 point WDS system controller

4. Extuder System
Extruder should be adequate to work with HDPE, PP
 Screw diameter: 90/25D 
 Nitride treatment barrel and screw.
 Plasticizing efficiency: 180kg/h (HDPE)
 Cast-aluminium heater, adopt European mode of connection 
 AC motor drive: 37KW,frequency control 
  Cooling by four cooling fans.

5.Blow system
 Blow system mounted above the mold.
 Mechanical adjustment for up/down ,left/right and backfront
 Blow pin distance 250mm
 Stainless steel for blow pin special part to protect them from getting rust.

6. Deflashing and post cooling system
  Upper and down defashing
  Handle deflashing 
  Post cooling by cooling air and cooling water with Aluminum Mask

7.Take out system
  Take out stroke 500mm
 pneumatic rodless cylinders with shaped products of vice mode 

8. Servo Hydraulic System
Hydraulic working pressure LP 140 bar / HP 160 bar
Hydraulic system with servo pump: 150 L/min (DAIKIN or REXROTH Brand)
Main Hydraulic Directionalvalves :YUKEN
Servo Motor power: 15 KW

9.Pneumatic system
  Pneumatic cylinders AIRTEC
  Pneumatic valves  AIRTEC
  Max. pressure of all components: 10 bar
   Max. pressure of gauge:6 bar- 8 bar
  Air consumptions: 2.2 m3/min


10.Control System

10.1  Control System: B&R (Austria)
10.2   Servo system control system: B&R100 point Austria
10.3   Full color press-botton & Touch screen.
10.4  Recipe and machine data storage on memory stick (CF)
10.5   Emergency stop push buttons (rotationally release) without key
10.6  All electric components needs to be for power supply 220V/380V, 50Hz, controller DC24V, signal 0-10V
10.7   Total rated power: 90 KW
10.8   Average energy consumption: 40KW
10.9   Main components (Air switch, Contactor): SCHNEIDER ,intermediate relay:SCHNEIDER
10.10   Inverter of extuder motor:  YASKAWA
10.11   Linear transducer: Gefran from Italy
10.12   Proximity switch: Schneider
10L-15L Jerrycan Blow Molding Machine
10L-15L Jerrycan Blow Molding Machine
10L-15L Jerrycan Blow Molding Machine10L-15L Jerrycan Blow Molding Machine