15L/20L/25L/30L Blow Molding Machine

15L/20L/25L/30L Blow Molding Machine
kingswel machinery
 is one of the biggest production bases of blow molding machinery in the world. The company is majoring in the field of designing, manufacturing and selling all types of blow molding equipment which are suitable for manufacturing the hollow plastic products such as plastic bottles, pots, barrels, boxes, bags, toys, plastic trays, super-big plastic barrels etc with the occupation from 0.01-5000 liter. The biggest 1000-liter hollow blow-molding machine is right here. With 60%of the occupation of the market, varied kinds of the company have worldwidely sold to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Arabia countries etc. Allthe components of the products have passed the certification of American UL, CSA or IS09000 (2000) that makes the products sure to be the highest quality products internationally.
15L/20L/25L/30L Blow Molding Machine

Machine ModelWDG90Y/1
Machine Model SpecificationSingle Head
Max. Product Volume(L)25
Outline Dimension(L×W×H mm)5.65×3.8×3.7
Machine weight(t)11
Plasticizing systemScrew Diameter(mm)90
Screw L/D24:1
Extruder Motor Power(kW)37
View Line Screw(mm)/
View Line Motor(kW)0
Outer Layer Screw(mm)/
Outer Layer Motor(kW)0
Heating zone4
Heating Power(kW)17.6
Plasticizing Capacity(kg/h)120
Platform lift stroke(mm)250
Die Head SystemAccumulator Volume/
Die Head Center Distance(mm)/
Heating Zone5
Heating Power(kW)15.1
Max. Die Orifice(mm)∮250
Left-Right Stroke(mm)±60
Clamping SystemMould Platen (W×H mm)600×700
Min. Spacing(mm)380
Max. Spacing(mm)980
Clamping Force(kN)220
Moving stroke(mm)750
Hydraulic SystemOil Pump TypeDouble Vane Pump
Pump Displacement(cm3/rev)10+136
Motor Power(kW)30
System Rated Pressure(MPa)12
Hydraulic Servo SystemOil Pump TypeGear Pump
Pump Displacement(L/Min)120
Motor Power(kW)15
System Rated Power(MPa)12
Blowing SystemUpper Blow Cylinder Stroke(mm)200
Front-Back Adjustment Stroke(mm)±20
Left-Right Adjustment Stroke(mm)±60
Bottom Blow Cylinder Stroke(mm)/
Parsion Stretch Cylinder Stroke(mm)/
Parison Sealing Cylinder Stroke(mm)/
Power SupplySupply Voltage(V)380
Supply Frequency(Hz)50
Wire ConnectionThree Phase Four Wires
Total Rated Power(kW)99.7
Average Energy Consumption(kW)65% of Total
Air SupplyAir Source Pressure(MPa)0.8
Air Consumption(m3/min)0.8
Water SupplyWater Source Pressure(MPa)0.3
Water Consumption(L/min)45
 Thickness Controller (Optional)Rated Pressure(MPa)14
Rated Flow(cm3/rev)22
Motor Power(kW)4

15L/20L/25L/30L Blow Molding Machine
15L/20L/25L/30L Blow Molding Machine