2000 Eggs Solar Power Incubator Automatic Solar Egg Incubator for Sale

2000 Eggs Solar Power Incubator Automatic Solar Egg Incubator for Sale

Product Description
1.micro-computer controlling temperature ,humidity &egg-turning, automatic and reliable control system;
2.this incubator can combine incubation and hatchery all in one;
3.Energy can be electricity ,coal,gas and so on, so it can work with other energy even if the electric cut off; 
4.Automatically reserve the hatching data even when it is power failure;
5.incubator hull is colorful steel plate having a insulation layer to avoid heat escape,so it can save electricity;

1.industrial chicken egg incubator is microcomputer fully automatic with electricity,material is the 5cm thickness Sandwich Panel insulated by polyurethane foam, it can keep temperature within 6 hours blackout.
2.Temperature, humidity and turning frequency are digital displaying, also adjustable according your actual request. 
3. Automatic turning and ventilating system. Automatic turning system tilting the eggs 45 once per two hour(Setter Only).
4. According your actual request, you can set turning interval time you need. Two fans, bigger one is the control heating system which need to be working at all times, smaller one is automatic controlling high temperature.
5.180 chicken egg incubator is made of double color coated steel wall construction for a perfect insulation, production appearance is aluminum alloy overlock,It's a light inside, you can use it when you need. 

Using Your Egg Incubator:
1.Put water into the tray before use , the water level must be higher than the heater
2.Put the eggs on the egg tray
3.Plug in power
4.Temperature and humidity setting (Chicken eggs need 21days ,first 18days Temperature is 38°C and Humidity is 60RH ;last 3days the temperature is the same and the humidity is 70RH )
5.Factory setting :Reference temperature & humidity :38°C& 60%RH
  Cycle of Egg-turning :90-minute
  Time of Egg-turning :180 seconds
  Ventilation cycle :120 minutes
  Ventilation time :30 seconds
2000 Eggs Solar Power Incubator Automatic Solar Egg Incubator for Sale

Brand NameBOTO
SizeDepending on the type
Temperature control accuracy≤±0.1
Display resolution of moisture±5%RH
Place of OriginShanghai, China (Mainland)
MaterialPP, Color Steel Plate
FunctionFull-automatic Poultry Egg Incubator
Hatching ratehigh more than 98%

Features for Automatic  Poultry Egg Incubators 
1. Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning frequency
Full automatically temperature controlling
Full automatically humidity controlling
Full automatically eggs turning
Full automatically alarming
2.High economic benefit: use electricity as the main heat source, coal as the assisstant, Also it can keephomoiothermal by replacing the hot water; the incubator breed  on  top,  hatcher below ;
3.Power on/cut: automatic control with power on; manual supervisory control with power cut. It can operate after power cut for a certain time;
 4.Safe and reliable: The stove first heat the water in heater,  steam, hot water hose into the water pond, stoves, machines separate, the machine safe without smelly. The incubator selected high insulation nickel chrome plastic packets  to  heat.
2000 Eggs Solar Power Incubator Automatic Solar Egg Incubator for Sale
Company Profile:
Shanghai Boto Group Co. is a high technology company specializing in integrated incubation systems .Based on the 30 years of incubator R&D experience, we have developed the advanced integrated hatchery system as follows: the single stage incubators with different egg capacity, butterfly ventilation tunnel incubator, the air handling system and automation system for hatchery. In addition, the dual-core microcomputer system embedded with the smart controlling strategy has achieved reliable and high performance. Due to the above-mentioned advantages,our products are popular among domestic and oversea.After several years development, we have gained the Authorized Poultry Industry R&D Center and been awarded the High-tech Enterprise by Chinese government .Also both our company and products are approved by I S O 9001,I S O 14001,I S O 45001,I S O 50001.We are experienced in providing turnkey hatchery projects. In past years, we already successfully provided projects in South-east Asia,Middle-east,Africa,South Asia,etc.The services, from hatchery layout design,installation,commissioning,maintenance,to incubation guidelines and technical support from us meet all requirements from hatcheries in different sizes. All our products carries a one year warranty, and a life time technical support commitment. Creativity makes future.
2000 Eggs Solar Power Incubator Automatic Solar Egg Incubator for Sale