20K 4000W Trigger Force Dynamic Ultrasonic Welder

MPS-2030F ultrasonic plastic welder applies digital ultrasonic system in 20KHz, 3000W. Machine is designed in high technical standard with advanced features to meet ultrasonic plastic welding in high and challenging requirement. MPS-2030F is the good choice for high precision welding process to small parts.

  • Type
  • Digital Ultrasonic Welder
  • Condition
  • New
  • Motor Type
  • DC Motor
  • Usage
  • Plastic Ultrasonic Welding, plastic spot welding, plastic stacking
  • Power
  • 3000W Watt/Volt ( w/v)
  • Voltage
  • 220 Watt/Volt ( w/v)
  • Dimensions
  • 650*500*1300 Millimeter (mm)
  • Input Voltage
  • 220 Volt (V)

    1. Korean IGBT ultrasonic system, stable, even and smooth ultrasonic energy output;
    2. Automatic frequency tuning, frequency in time auto checking;
    3. Amplitude adjustment: 0~100% in high accuracy;
    4. Energy mode and time mode for welding operation for different welding requirement;
    5. Welding steps control is available meeting different thermoplastic material welding requirement;
    6. Trigger dynamic for precision ultrasonic welding control;
    7. Machine head height adjusted by motor in easy and precision operation;
    8. Input over voltage detection for self-protection;
    9. Over-high horn impedance detection for system self-protection;
    10. Machine action guide by linear way in high precision;
    11. Stable machine frame design and manufacturing;
    12. Machine table operation surface processed by high precision standard ensure operation precision.