2PCS Paddle Wheel Aerator (YC0.75)

2PCS Paddle Wheel Aerator

Main Parts:
1)Motor(1HP, 3phase, 50Hz, 380V)
2)Low Friction Gear Reducer
3)2 new PP Impellers
4)2 HDPE Floats

(1). Built-in protector is available to prevent motor being burnt accidentally.

(2). Low friction gear reducer with low resistance to decrease energy losses.

(3) Instead of worm gears, arcuate-bevel gears are used and save over 20% electric energy than traditional models.

(4). The arcuate-bevel gear is made of chromium-manganese-titanium with carbon-nitride surface treatment, which ensures long usage life spans and high rigidity.

(5). Sturdy stainless steel frame has no deformation and has high durability.

(6). A mechanical seal is available to prevent oil leakage.

(7). HDPE floats have great buoyancy and high strength, resist impact, acid-alkalinity erosion and sun exposure.

(8). Nylon impellers, stainless steel transmission shafts and frames are available.

(9). Adjustable shaft support, plastic plate.

(I)Enrich dissolved oxygen to prevent shrimp, fish, eel or other aquatic products from dying caused by lack of oxygen, especially in bad weather.

(ii) Increase water current to make shrimp, fish and other aquatic products grow more quickly and healthly.

(iii) Improve water quality, reduce algae, enhance fish health & growth, reduce harmful dissolved gases and clarify water.

(iv) Can be used both on freshwater and seawater.

ModelMotor Power (kW)Machine Weight (kg)Square Measure Covering(acre)Power Efficiency kg/(h· kW)Capacity Of Oxygen Enrichment  kg/hNoise dBAInsulation Resistance (MΩ )
YC0.750.75600.16-0.82≥ 1.25≥ 1.1≤ 80> 1

2PCS Paddle Wheel Aerator (YC0.75)

2PCS Paddle Wheel Aerator (YC0.75)

2PCS Paddle Wheel Aerator (YC0.75)