2t Electrical Induction Industrial Furnace for Iron Casting

2t Electrical Induction Industrial Furnace for Iron castingWe provide different shapes and capacity of the induction melting furnace and we are professional to match the right furnace for you according to your requirements. As soon as you have any interest, please don't hesitate to contact me, I believe you will get our warm service! Thanks a lot!


The Advantage of Zhengxin's Induction Melting Furnace:
1.More than 15 years industry experience
2. Low consumption and save energy above 20-30%
3. Fast melting speed
4. Easy to operation and maintenance
5. Steady performance
6. Leading technology
7. Reasonable price
8. Good service


Application of Melting furnace
"IF furnace" means Intermediate frequency furnace, also known as the "medium frequency coreless induction furnace", which converting three phase power current into single phase intermediate frequency current and enabling metal to produce eddy current loss through electromagnetic field induction to achieve heating and melting. The induction heating furnace applys to gold, silver copper, aluminum, steel, iron, zinc, tin, nickel and other metal melting, heating, insulation, and forging, sintering, hot rolling, bending forming pre-heat treatment. But mainly used for melting foundry industry.


Performances and Features:
1. Adopt a zero-voltage scanning soft-start mode, it can be started or stopped in any case and at any time, so it has no impact on power supply.
2. Fast smelting with low production cost; Low-pollution and environment-friendly;
3. Start melting from cold furnace. Solution can be fully empty. Change molten material easily.
4. Power adjustment is flexible. Be able to adjust continuously and smoothly. Temperature is even and can be easily controlled. Less oxidation burning. Metal components is even.
5. Furnace shell is adopt aluminum alloy or steel structure, covering small area; Convenience to overturn the furnace, according to your need to adpot overturing way like electric, manual, hydraulic.
6. It can automatically adjust to match the load impedance, The equipment will always run in good working condition without adjustment of compensation capacitance, low fault rate; Power supply system has diagnostic error function that make it easy to check and maintenance.
7. It has all kinds of protection control, giving signal under conditions of overcurrent, water shortage, overheating, overvoltage, short circuit and phase missing, as a result, the reliability is greatly enhanced. Suitable for intermittent production.


IF Furnace constitution:
1. Furnace body
2. Medium frequency power supply cabinet
3. Water cooling cable
4. Reduction machine
5. Crucible mold
6. Compensation capacitor rack.
7. Chiller ( Optional )
8.Transformer (Optional)
9. Installation drawings and specifications

2t Electrical Induction Industrial Furnace for Iron Casting
2t Electrical Induction Industrial Furnace for Iron Casting

2t Electrical Induction Industrial Furnace for Iron Casting

Main technical parameters


Melting furnaceRatedRated  Input  Furnace  MFFrequencyWork  MetingMelting timePower consumptionCooling water
modelCapacity  (T)power (KW)voltage (V)voltage (V)voltage (V)(KHZ)temperaturerate (T/H)(MIN)(KWH/T)capacity (T/H)
Melting   Points:     Iron   &   Steel:   1750ºC         Gold   &   Copper:   1500ºC         Silver   &   Brass&   Tin   :   1200ºC         Aluminum:   800ºC         Zinc:   600ºC         Nickel:   1800ºC  

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