300 Ton Per Day Continuous Flow Maize Corn Dryer with European Technology

Type:Continuous FlowMaterial:Galvanized Steel
Capacity:300 Ton Per DayHeating:Direct/Indirect
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300T/Day Mixed Flow Dryer

Continuous Maize Mixed Flow Dryer

Galvanized Grain Continuous Flow Dryer



300 Ton Per Day Maize Dryer With Continuous Mixed Flow Technology



ZENVO has a leading position within the area of process drying of grains, and our drying plants are among the most effective in the world.
Development and research within the drying field has resulted in ZENVO having obtained full control over drying parametres such as air volumes,
temperatures and rates of passage. We thereby obtain the optimal capacity and economical drying in terms of energy whilst also taking the surrounding environment into account.



  • The continuous flow dryer uses negative pressure, which will makes the drying more even and energy saving;
  • The direction of the air through the grain determines how effectively and homogenously the grain is dried, which is recognized as the most versatile and efficient drying principle for free flowing crops;
  • Air foils are placed in the opening of the exhaust channels to minimise turbulence and avoid small grains and light products from being sucked out by the exhaust fans. This makes it possible to use larger air volumes which result in optimal drying capacity in all crops;
  • The variable cooling zone makes it possible to configure the dryer to the exact drying and working conditions at all times. By utilising air and energy in the best way possible,the costs are reduced and the capacity is optimised;
  • The volumetric discharge section is designed with a series of sector valves. This discharge system gives a homogenous grain flow and helps reduce clogging by straw and foreign material. 

300 Ton Per Day Continuous Flow Maize Corn Dryer with European Technology