300X180mm 2-PC Boring Mill Jaws

1. Our boring mill jaws are widely used as chuck jaws to clamping workpieces on horizontal lathes, vertical lathes, deep-hole boring mills, vertical boring mills, heavy duty roller grinders etc.. These boring mill jaws are fitted on a chuck and operated independently with each jaw having a driving screw rod inside its jaw base. Thus these boring mill jaws fitted on a chuck can be adjusted separately to gain accurate set-ups for the workpieces;

2. Our boring mill jaws have casting steel made bases for optimum rigidity, and their top jaws and screw rods are made of alloy steel quenched and tempered. Top jaws are whole quenching heat-treated instead of case quenching in order to acquire the same hardness on both the surface and the within of the top jaw. Case hardening brings the advantage that once the thin harded layer on the top jaws is worn out, the serrated surface's hardness will be too low to effectively clamp the workpiece;

3. Customers can always get the proper boring mill jaws customed made from us by offering the requirements on dimensions, workpiece weights and design of top jaws. Both hard jaws and soft jaws are available on the same set of boring mill jaws in order that it is suitable for clamping workpieces for both rough machining and fine machining;

4. Mechanical power boosting screw rods, or economic type gear-lever power boosting device can be adopted on the boring mill jaws to increase much the clamping force and reduce much the operator's labor intensity simultaneously;

5. We have many years experience in custom making boring mill jaws for applications in various industries. Most of them are used on heavy-duty horizontal lathes, vertical lathes (i.e., vertical boring mills), deep-hole boring machines and heavy-duty roller grinders etc.. Please let us know your needs for the jaws and we will work out a design just meeting your requests.

300X180mm 2-PC Boring Mill Jaws

300X180mm 2-PC Boring Mill Jaws300X180mm 2-PC Boring Mill Jaws