360 Ton High Efficiency Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine (AL-U/360C)

Some of the important features:
Clamping system:  Faster response, stable and high rigidity
Injection system: Accurate and flexible, lower rejection rate
Control system:  Computer and simple operation,molding data memory system
Power system:    Energy saving, high efficient and precise
Metal parts:    The thickness of our frame, metal plate and wallboard are thicker than other company.
Other Information
Show High Precision: The accurate injection positioning,pressure, speed and pressure maintaining,to ensure the repeatability error of injection accuracy less than 0.3% to achieve precision molding.
Super Energy-Saving Features: Compared with standard injection machine,the energy saving rate can reach 40%-70% for the same plastic production.
High Efficiency: Compared  with standard machine,the total efficiency can increase by 10% and dragging capacity is can increase by18%.
High Response System:The system acceleration and deceleration performance is quite agile and force&speed regulation is very sensitive.The sampling processing speed can reach 100KHZ and system quick start time can reach 0.05s.
Maintain Stability and Reliability:The pressure or speed is stable and switch of pressure maintaining is smooth and accurate.
Low Oil Temperature:Avoid high pressure unloading and low oil temperature situation during operation.Improve the operation performance.promote using efficiency and save a large quantity of cooling water.
360 Ton High Efficiency Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine (AL-U/360C)


 INTERNATIONAL CALSS NO                               360/2180
SPECIFICATIONS                                U/360C
Screw type  ABCD
 Screw diameter mm60677075
 Screw L/D ratio L/D24.622 21.1 19.7 
 Shot volume(therretical cm3947 118112891480
 Injection weight(ps) g862107511731347
 Injection rate g/s278346378434
 Injection pressure Mpa231186 170148
 Screw Speed rpm                                     200
 Clamping Unit  
 Clamping force KN                                    3600
 Open stroke mm                                    675
 Space between tie bars(W*H) mm                               680*680
 Max.Mould height mm                                    720
 Min.Mould height mm                                    250
 Ejector stroke mm                                    180
 Ejector force KN                                      70
 Pump max. pressure Mpa                                      16
 Pump motor power KW                                      37
 Heating power KW                                      24.7
 Numbers of heating area segment                                      4+1
 Machine dimension(L*W*H)                            7.38*1.95*2.55
 Oiltank cubage L                                     510
 Machine weight t                                      13.5

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