3D Ink Wall Mural Inkjet Printer Machine in Wuhan

3D Ink Wall Mural Inkjet Printer Machine in wuhan  

(Model: PE-S70) 


Product Introduction:
Perfect Laser's new intelligent 3d wall printer machine PE-S70 adopts a newly developed integrated control board, full wireless control system, touching screen, internal electronic library storage. You can put in files by inserting U disk directly without extra computer. The 3d wall printer machine is easy to install and operation.

The 3d wall printer machine uses the United States imported sensors, automatically sensing the distance between the wall; and equipped with Japan's imports of piezoelectric nozzle, it is more accurate and faster. This 3d wall printer machine is also equipped with a high-precision brushless servo motor control system, eliminating post-maintenance. The inkjet printer on wall is deeply loved by customers when it comes.

3D Ink Wall Mural Inkjet Printer Machine in Wuhan

Technical Data:

Printing HeadJapan imported industrial grade printing head
1 pc2 pcs
Painting Speed32 Square meter /h64 Square meter /h
Main-board Configuration6-core CPU, 2GB DDR memory8-core CPU, 4GB DDR memory
UPS Battery LifeAbout 10 hoursAbout 12 hours
Pad Size10.1 inch11.6 inch
Rail Size(L×H)4500mm×2500mm
Host Size (L×W×H)400mm×320mm×2500mm
X Axis Effective Stroke2000mm
Y Axis Effective StrokeUnlimited
Z Axis Effective Stroke150mm
Z Axis Guide170mm
Z Axis AutomaticHave
Ink Consumption Per Square6-10ML
Nozzle Protective DeviceHave
Spirit LevelHave
Automatic White JumpHave
Nozzle CleaningOne Key Automatic
Painting Accuracy9600DPI
Painting DirectionVertical
Painted Modetwo-way
Ink Tank Capacity400ML=100ML×4
Spray Distance0.5-2.0cm
Ink Supply MethodAutomatic ink supply under negative pressure
Data Transmission MethodUSB2.0/3.0
Power SupplyAC110V (90-132V)/AC220V (180-264V) , 47-63HZ
Power ConsumptionNo load:20W, Generally:75W, MAX: 250W
NoiseStandby <20dBA, Drawing <50dBA
Working Temperature-10°C-60°C (14°F-140°F) 10%-80% relative humidity, non-condensing
Storage Temperature-30°C-60°C (-22°F-140°F) 10%-80% relative humidity, non-condensing
LanguageChinese and English (Customized)
Total Body Weight30 kgs32 kgs
Total Track Weight26.5 kgs38 kgs
TrainingVCD training, Engineer overseas training is available (charged additionally)
Guarantee12 months

3D Ink Wall Mural Inkjet Printer Machine in Wuhan

Product Features
1.The body of the wall mural printer machine is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, high precision, the chassis is thin and durable, easy to carry.

2.Fuselage accessories of wall mural printer machine are imported CNC equipment manufacturing, together with a professional mold parts manufacturing process to ensure that the machine and accessories better consistency and higher stability.

3.Large Photo size of wall mural printer machine:High 2100mm, width is not limited.Construction no need to move the machine halfway, no need to do stitching, large format painted at one go, beautiful picture.

4.With high-precision brushless servo motor control system, vector positioning, no grating, motor without carbon brush, eliminating the need for cleaning, maintenance, wear and tear after the map garbled, need to regularly replace and other issues, painting high precision, maintain.

5.The wall mural printer machine adopts HD piezoelectric inkjet technology.Japan imported piezoelectric nozzle, high precision, clear and bright picture, durable.

6.Variable droplet technology with the wall mural printer machine.Minimum ink droplets 3.5PL, the largest 27PL, indoor painting screen clear and delicate, outdoor painting color bright, fast.

7.Advanced ink droplet control system and high fault tolerance are feather technology combined.The output quality of the 3D vertical wall printing machine is more perfect.

8.The ink of 3D vertical wall printing machine using imported paste, no heating, minus 10 ºC to zero 60 ºC in the normal work environment, no ice, continuous ink, colorful, three-dimensional sense of strong, do not fade, can not afford skin, three-dimensional sense of strong Scrub, green.

9.Sprinkler data signal using optical fiber integrated output.Faster, anti-interference ability, high reliability, stable transmission data.

10.Automatic fill system.Construction accidentally interrupted, fill the system can effectively reduce the painting scrap rate.

11.Fuselage reserved UPS, inverter interface (can be installed built-in power supply system, the3D vertical wall printing machine power off for about 10 hours).

12.Advanced AC servo control technology to ensure higher precision printing, better stability and longer service life.

13.Integrated head design, separable structure.Effectively avoid the damage caused by handling bumps, all around the nozzle installation board, thus extending the actual life of the nozzle.

14.Simple multi-color ink cartridges ink system, stable and convenient, to support the separation of fast lines, water and electricity separation, with the take with the release.

15.The 3D vertical wall printing machine using United States imported sensor system, dual sensors, up and down two-way sensor, surface tracking, automatic positioning, automatic solution to the wall uneven, wall tilt and other issues, effectively reducing the risk of head damage.

3D Ink Wall Mural Inkjet Printer Machine in Wuhan

This kind of 3D vertical wall printing machine is suitable for a variety of special materials:Painted inside and outside wall, wall putty, paint the walls, white porcelain, ceramic tile, walls, glass, paper, canvas, wall, colored glaze, shell powder, wall paint color tablets.

3D Ink Wall Mural Inkjet Printer Machine in Wuhan



3D Ink Wall Mural Inkjet Printer Machine in Wuhan


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3D Ink Wall Mural Inkjet Printer Machine in Wuhan

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