4-40 Brick Machineinterlocking Brick Machine

Qtj4-40 Manual Semi Automatic Concrete Brick Cement Hollow Paver Block Making Machine

Machine description:

This small-sized block machine is to meet the demand of many investors with small investment. This machine is of simple and compact structure, convenient operation and easy maintenance. It requires little manpower and investment, but makes high output and quick economic returns. It is especially suitable to produce standard bricks, the strength of which is higher than that of clay bricks. Various types of blocks can be produced with different molds. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for enterprises with small investment.

4-40 Brick Machineinterlocking Brick Machine

4-40 Brick Machineinterlocking Brick Machine
4-40 Brick Machineinterlocking Brick Machine
4-40 Brick Machineinterlocking Brick Machine

4-40 Brick Machineinterlocking Brick Machine

4-40 Brick Machineinterlocking Brick Machine

Main technical parameters

Electricity220V / 60Hz three phase (customized)
Cycle40 Second
Machine Size1580*1100*2100mm
Shaded Area50m2
Factory Area500-800m2
Worker 2-3 Workers

4-40 Brick Machineinterlocking Brick Machine
Our Service

  1. Introduce the company's basic information, product catalog and basic machine production process.
  2. Welcome to visit our company and products any time.If you need , we can make invitation letters for you.
  3. 24 hours online service.


  1. Set up, fix, and operate if buyer need.
  2. Provide machine-operated videos and pictures
  3. Send the accessories you need at any time.


  1. Guarantee Period: One year after installation finished at buyer's factory.
  2. Within one year, if the customer encounters unsolvable problems, The engineers will selectively fly to customers for local help

Q1: How can i trust your machine's quality?
A: Our products have been checked and got certification ISO9001, and we have exported to many countries and regions in the world, with good reputation and quality of customer feedback. In addition, every machine is carefully tested before shipment to ensure that the machine is operating perfectly when it comes to your hand.

Q2: What about payment terms?
A: 30% Deposit before production,70% before delivery when machine is ready for shipments.

Q3: How to Cure Blocks?
A: Fresh Blocks are stacked and covered with black plastic to avoid moisture loss. The blocks are then watered daily to create a greenhouse effect, allowing the cement to harden and the blocks to strengthen. Cure your blocks for a minimum of 7 days and allow the blocks to dry to another 7 days before building. This will ensure strong good quality blocks.

Q4:How long is the delivery time?
A:20-30 days after receipt of deposit and molds confirmation from Buyer.