4.8x76m Rotary Kiln

4.8x76m Rotary Kiln
Technical Performance ofΦ4.8× 76m Rotary Kiln:
1. Specification: 4.8x76m rotary kiln
2. Output: 5000t/d dry process cement production line
3. Inclination: 4%
4. Rotating speed: Main driving part: 0.35-4r/min; Auxiliary driving part: 8.52r/h.
5. Amount of supports: 3
6. Sealing type: Kiln head: Sheet steel sealing; Kiln end: Air cylinder sealing
7. Cooling of kiln head: Air cooling
8. Thrust roller type: Hydraulic type with oil pump station
9. Driving mode: Single driving
10. Motor of main driving: ZSN4-400-092; Power: 630kW; Rotating speed: 1500r/min; Rated voltage: 440V
11. Main speed reducer: JH710C-SW305-40
12. Auxiliary motor: Y225M-4 IP44 45KW
13. Auxiliary speed reducer: JH220C-SV302-31.5.

Main Components of 4.8× 76m Rotary Kiln:
1. Cylinder part: The total weight of cylinder body is 368, 000kg; Its base plate is easy to replace; And its tyres are made of cast steel and of rectangular solid structure.
2. Driving device
3. Supporting device
4. Thrust roller oil pump station
5. Sealing equipment for kiln head and end.
6. Air cooling pipe
7. Particular tools for rotary kiln
8. Total weight of equipment: 854000kg