4hi Skin Pass Mill for Cgl

4hi skin pass mill for HRC

we are professional turnkey solution manufacturer for cold rolling mill plant, we can offer you temper mill for cold rolling mill, galvanizing line, hot rolling mill.

Product Overview:Process flow of strip steel temper mill Coil receiving table--coil loading car--strip head disposal device--payoff reel--entry bridle roll--entry guiding plate--main temper mill--exit guiding plate--exit bridle roll--hydraulic shear--tension reel--wrapper--coil loading car


Technical parameter

Temper mill350-1550mm0.15-3.0mm200-900m/min
Skin Pass Mill350-1550mm0.15-2.5mm40-200m/min

4hi Skin Pass Mill for Cgl

4hi Skin Pass Mill for Cgl
The Range of Our Temper Mills 

Specification of Cold Rolling Mill 
Roller Type2-hi /2-roller  Temper Mill, 4-hi/4-roller Temper Mill
Applicationplain carbon steel, stainless steel

4hi Skin Pass Mill for Cgl
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Our advantage:
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4hi Skin Pass Mill for Cgl

4hi Skin Pass Mill for Cgl
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