5 Ton Steel Scrap Melting Furnace

5 Ton Steel Scrap Melting FurnaceIntroduction and application
This is the device converting three phase power current into single phase intermediate frequency current and enabling metal to produce eddy current loss through electromagnetic field induction to achieve heating and melting and is applicable to melting, heating or holding of steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, nickel silver and other ferrous or nonferrous metal and alloy material, as well as heating treatment prior to forging, sintering and tube-bending forming in casting and melting industries.

The basic structure of steel shell furnace: Two cylinder with thick wall seamless rectangular steel tube is welded into one structure,so it is more safer, more firm, more durable, and in high efficiency. The upper end of the induction furnace can be disassembled to facilitate the replacement of the coil.

5 Ton Steel Scrap Melting Furnace

  1. Hydraulic tilting. Furnace can rotate around the pouring spout, and tilting with proportional control, through controlling buttons of hydraulic station and the handle of tilting control device . Its tilting angle is vertically at 95 degrees and it can stay in any position in the process of rotating, as well as to change titling speed to more quicker or more slowly. It uses the manual valve operation and double machine double pump, with remote manual control system. Some other company only have single pump control.
  2. Energy saving. The sensor is enclosed with a magnetic yoke, covering an area is over 65%, so the leakage is small and achieve the maximum electrical efficiency. Compared with aluminum shell furnaces, steel shell furnace can save nearly 5% power consumption.
  3. Anti-fall protection device. During the process of tilting furnace, the anti-falling protective hood will be automatically raised to form a protective barrier to prevent the personnel from falling.

5 Ton Steel Scrap Melting Furnace5 Ton Steel Scrap Melting Furnace

5 Ton Steel Scrap Melting Furnace
5 Ton Steel Scrap Melting Furnace
Input Power(50/60HZ)Output PowerMelting
Power Consumption (KWH/T)
( KW)
Furnace temperature :Cast iron 1450ºC                 Copper 1150ºC             Brass1000ºC          Aluminum 700ºC

Special Features:
Automatic constant temperature function
:Values can be preset liquid temperature requirements, one-click startup and attain the goal of automatic constant temperature; Compared with the traditional artificial temperature control, automatic constant temperature function will save time and more sensitive and more accurate, easier to control liquid temperature and oxidation burning loss less, metal components uniform casting product quality is better;

Automatic heating lining function:Heating lining is a relatively complicated and long process of temperature rise curve, to extend the service life of intermediate frequency furnace hearth, reduce production cost, the right build furnace lining technology is very important. The function of automatic lining of innovation, can according to the requirements of the different refractory lining temperature, to preset required by the different stages of heating lining temperature and time; PLC according to the preset time and temperature values, one-click start, automatic matching and stepless regulation of intermediate frequency power, the size of the control of heating speed, prevent lining cracks, and achieve the goal of automatic lining curve. Is to avoid the artificial misoperation and at the same time reduce the labor time and intensity of the workers.

 Prevent wear furnace alarm function: prevent alarm system working principle is: wear furnace chamber of a stove or furnace use time to a certain degree, the wall will gradually thinning, the current will vary according to the furnace wall, after the current rate reaches the preset value will make alarm to remind in advance, then automatically cut off the power and predict wear furnace and achieve the goal of safe production in advance.
5 Ton Steel Scrap Melting Furnace
Why choose us 

With strong design, application and manufacturing capacity, hundreds of mechanical processing equipment, a group of experienced engineering technicians who have been engaged in high and intermediate frequency product design and manufacturing for more than 20 years and serve as our backbone, we have absorbed domestic and international advanced technologies as well as excellent workmanship and reliability of former products based on years of practice and improvement, have been known for rational design, stable performance, easy operation and attractive price across China and have been widely recognized by customers, and have helped our customers to obtain good production and economic benefits. Our products are exported to Europe,Africa, Russia, Uzbekistan,Middle East ,India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Korea, Vietnam, Iran and other country or region.

1,Low power consumption
Large current system made of pure copper as conductive medium, the whole circuit with less resistance. Electrode arm shaped as copper-clad box type, resistance and heat can be reduced efficiently. Reasonable arrange of all conductive systems to minimize the resistance of every circuit.

2,Safety & Stability
Full set of hydraulic driving system equipped with accumulator to ensure stability of facilities in the operation process. Whist, equipments can go on the motion when there any emergency accidents happen.

3,High Power Factor
Our power factory could reach over 98%, which could greatly reduce the capacitor box quantities. However we still equip enough capacitor box quantities, which mean your furnace is much much more efficient.

4.High flexibility & Maximum simplicity of operation
HMI used in electrical automation control, interface simulates the real form of furnace, which make the operation more convenient. Mixing feedstock, charging feedstock, melting, tapping all the commands can be implemented by computer.

5.More Durable
We get 6 thyristors on the left, 8 on the right, so even if one thyristor is damaged, our furnace still could be continued use. But many other factories only get only 4 on the right,the whole equipment cannot be used anymore when one thyristor is damaged.
5 Ton Steel Scrap Melting FurnaceAfter sales service commitment
a. The purchased equipment to the buyer through life time maintenance services.
b. Ensure that implements preferential price for equipment spare parts
c.After receiving the user fault notification shall respond within 2 hours, arrive at the scene within 24 hours traffic permitting, and remove specific weekday failure to resume production.
d. Our company after sales service up to 25 engineer, the major provinces and cities and regions across the country are equipped with after-sales service network

Supplier responsibility
a.   Cooperate with guidance to check the buyer installation work;
b.   Internal and electrical wiring connections between equipment;
c.  Site commissioning;, according to the actual equipment adjust to the best state;
d.  Direct buyer operating personnel to the correct use of operating equipment;
e.  Guidance on site security considerations;
f.  To guide the buyer maintenance personnel simple troubleshooting methods;
g.  Provide equipment specification;
5 Ton Steel Scrap Melting Furnace