500-6000W CNC Laser Cutter Heavy Fiber Laser Cutting Machine/Engraving Machine for Sheet Pipe Metal Carbon Stainless Steel Cutting Machine

Main Features
1. Exchange table laser cutting machine with pipe attachment is designed by LINCOLN, saved lots of cost and spaces by cutting pipe and plate in one machine, it also save plate loading time.
2. Processing in wide range including pipes of different diameter and length.
3. Electric-drive motor in rotary device adjust speed freely. Easy-work, low noise, high rotary speed, high accuracy.
4. Steel angles, C channel and L channel are also can be cut.

 Technical Parameters
Machine ModelMK-3015WGQ6022 IPG1000W
Chuck TypePneumatic Chuck
Effective Cutting Area (mm)1500X3000
Power Source1000w
Quality Cutting ThicknessMild Steel 10mm; Stainless Steel 3mm
Pipe Cutting Diameter (mm)round pipe: Ф15-220; square pipe: 155x155
Pipe Cutting Length (mm)6000
XY Axis Positiongnig Accuracy (mm)±0.03
Reposition Accuracy (mm)±0.02
W Axis Positiongnig Accuracy (mm)1.5
Maximum running speed80m/min
 Machine Configurations
No.Part NameManufacturer/brandRemark
1Laser sourceIPGUSA
2Servo motor and driverYaskawaJapan
3Laser headRaytools BM109Auto focus, Swizerland
4Machine bedLINCOLNheavy duty plate weld
5Aluminum casting beamLINCOLNChina
6Guide railHIWINhelical, Taiwan
7Rack and pinionYYCGrade DIN 6, Germany
8Precision gearboxSHIMPOJapan
9Proportional valveSMCJapan
10Water chillerS&ACWFL-1000, China
11Electrical componentSchneiderFrance
12CNC systemCYPCUTChina
13Machine colour/logoGrey (CANLEE LASER), or customized

Main parts description 

Machine Bed
 It is made of high qualified steel plate increase special-shaped frame structure welded together, after welding, annealing time, shot blasting derusting to deal with the stress, large gantry CNC machining center, precision machining, has good shock resistance, high rigidity and stability, to ensure the accuracy of the machine tool long running and smooth running at a high speed.  

Cross Beam
Aluminum casting beam
The aluminum casting beam is precision machined, moderate in weight, good in rigidity, high in long-term use stability, and has good dynamic performance. It is unmatched by the commonly used tensile aluminum beam or steel plate welded beam. 

Laser Source
IPG  YLR-1000
Excellent Beam Parameter Product
Maintenance-free Operation
Constant BPP Over Entire Power Range
Modular "Plug & Play" Design
Small Focus over Large Working Distance Compact, Rugged & Easy to Install
Wall-plug Efficiency >40%
Integrated Coupler or Beam Switch Option
Optional Affixed Chiller

Cutting Head
Optimized optical configuration, smooth and  efficient airflow design;
Auto-focus range is +8~-9mm, Accuracy is 0.05mm;
D28 diameters lens set, the maximum optical input power is 1.5KW;
The maximum acceleration of the focusing lense is 10m/s2, the maximum speed is 6m/min;
The collimator lens and focusing lens are all protected by cover glass modules, which can effectively protect the collimator lens and focusing lens from contamination;
Drawer-type of lens mount, quick and easy access to the cover glass;

Control System
CFSCUT 3000C  is a high performance laser cutting control system. It is widely used in the field of metal and non- metallic laser cutting for its outstanding performance in the field of high power fiber laser cutting and precision cutting.

Cooling System
S&A CWFL-1000
The double temperature double control mode is adopted to provide the best temperature control solution for the laser. At the same time, the user can set the water temperature manually or switch to the intelligent temperature control mode according to the actual needs.

Transmission System
X Y axis: Taiwan YYC precision gear rack; Japan Shimpo precision reducer;
Y, Z axis and pipe cutting: Japan Yaskawa servo motors
Towing chain: domestic famous Brand;
Lead screw, guide rail lubrication and seal protection system;
Bearing : Japanese Seiko ( NSK )

Driving System
Japan Yaskawa servo motors and drivers matching-able with the transmission system, improve cutting speed and precision.

Pneumatic System
Japan SMC/AIRTAC assembly;
(1) pressure relief valves, throttle valves, one-way valves, ball valves
(2) Pressure relay
(3) cylinder, solenoid valve, pneumatic three parts
(4) pressure gauges, joints, pipes, etc.

Pneumatic Chuck
Product advantages
1. One-piece design
Multi-angle installation of reducer can be realized
2. Easy application
Gear pitch circle jumps, gear meshing backlash is adjusted in place, the whole machine is more convenient to install
3. High security
Large inner hole of chuck and high safety of automatic loading and unloading
4. Strong stability
Integral built-in drive structure, improve transmission accuracy and stability
5. Gears are built-in for dust prevention and low noise

CNC Cabinet Componen
Electrical components: France Schneider;
Machine tool power control system: Schneider and famous manufacturers;
X-Y gear rack drive Z-axis ball rod transmission;
High pressure cutting system: CANLEE;
Three automatic gas conversion systems:CANLEE;
Purging system:Drawer car collecting device;
Working area lighting: LED;
Flight perforation function: CANLEE;
Leapfrog function:CANLEE;
Optical path compensation device:CANLEE;

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Parameters

Professional Service Support
Before shipping, machine test videos recorded and uploaded onto YouTube.
After-sales Service:
1. Site installation, commissioning and training:
Our Engineers are available for machinery service overseas. Customers should in charge of the round-trip air ticket, the board and lodging.
2. Factory training: Customers are welcome come to our factory for free training, we in charge of the board and lodging.
3. Technical support: by phone, video, whatsapp/email within 24hrs response.
* 2 years for machine and laser source.
* Protective lens/ceramic ring/nozzle etc. Consumable parts are exceptional .





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