7 Lines Fully Automatic Facial Tissue Machine with Auto Packing Machine

7 lines fully automatic facial tissue machine with auto packing machine 
7 Lines Fully Automatic Facial Tissue Machine with Auto Packing Machine7 Lines Fully Automatic Facial Tissue Machine with Auto Packing Machine

Fully Automatic facial tissue production line is consist of facial tissue folding machine,log saw, single bag packing machine and multi bags packing machine. Machine working smoothly and stable from the raw material to finished products. This production line is of high degree of automation, save labor costs, reduce labor intensity, which is the best choice of the production of tissue products.       

                                 1, JY-CS-180/7L  V fold Hand towel&Facial Tissue Making Machine with Color Glue Lamination
7 Lines Fully Automatic Facial Tissue Machine with Auto Packing Machine

Main function:
V folding color lamination hand towel machine process paper material after embossing,cut off,interfold become V fold,The products are widely used in hotels, office, kitchen and so on. It's convenient and health.This machine can folding,slitting,counting,with high speed,output orderliness.

Main features:
The paper-breaking knife roller adopts the structure of spiral knife roller, which effectively solves the problems of the stability of the paper-breaking and the service life of the blade.
The structure of the paper-breaking knife roller adopts the structure of the spiral knife roller. The original straight knife is a full-cut type, while the spiral knife roller is a point-cut type, which solves the problems of the instability of the paper break and the short service life of the blade caused by the original straight knife structure.

Main parameters:
Design speed:100m/min
Stable production speed:70-80m/min,or max sub-stacking speed 6-10logs/min
Common jumbo roll width:1400mm
Estimated daily output:about 7.5T/day (Note:jumbo roll is three layers, 15g/m², for 22hours production per day)
Capacity calculation (example of calculation method):
Paper gsm :15gsm, 6 layers, jumbo roll width 1400mm, efficiency coefficient: 65%, production time: 22h, production speed: 70m/min, number of machine: 1 set
70 (m/min)*1.4 (m) *15 (g/m2) *6 (layers) *60 (minute) *22 (hours) *1 (unit)*0.65÷1000000
=7.5 (tons)
Note:The above output calculation is for reference only. The specific capacity is related to the jumbo roll gsm,jumbo roll characteristics, product specifications and the specific conditions of each company.
Jumbo roll layer:2-3layers
Jumbo roll:Straw pulp paper, wood pulp paper, sugarcane pulp paper, bamboo pulp paper and so on.
GSM of jumbo roll:two ply, gsm of each ply is 14-18g/m2 ;three ply,gsm of each ply is 13-15g/m2. 

Main machine folding unit                         

No.Item Technical parameters
1Design speed100 m/min
2Stable production speed70-80 m/min,or max separating and conveying speed 6-10logs/min
3Finished products unfolded size180mm(+1,-3)* paper width
4Finished products folded size90(+3,-1)* paper width
5Finished products height50mm-135mm(folded height, not height after package)
6Whole machine structureWall panel frame type
7Counting methodUsing high-resolution encoder for calculation, counting is 100% accurate
8Folding unitVacuum adsorption folding
9Folding methodV-shaped staggered folding
10Folding roller processing methodAfter quenching and tempering, and using high-precision deep hole processing to ensure the rigidity and strength of each roller, and all of them are processed by CNC machining center, G3.2 level dynamic balance, to ensure the precision requirements of the folding roller during high speed folding
11 Paper broken folding roller
2 paper broken folding rollers, and there are 3 to 4 paper beoken bottom knives evenly distributed on the rollers (the number will change according to different specifications) to ensure the length of each broken paper is 180 (+1, -3) mm, and there are regular vacuum suction holes arranged beside each bottom knife on the roller surface, which is used to adsorb the cut paper and attach it to the roller surface. 
12There are 3-4 paper inserting knives and 3-4 folding V grooves evenly distributed on the rollers (the number will change according to specifications), to ensure the size of paper after folding is 90mm (+3, -1), and there are regularly arranged vacuum suction holes beside each insert knife and the folded V groove on the roller surface, which are used to adsorb the cut paper and attach it to the roller surface.
13Paper broken bottom knifeAll are processed with imported materials, and the bottom knife with suction hole structure to ensure the paper not turn over when breaking at high speed, making the finished product more tidy
14Paper broken upper knifeAll are processed with imported materials, and adopts the design of spiral upper knife to ensure the durability of the upper knife
15Paper broken methodOverall lifting. There is a spiral blade at the front and back. Spiral paper breaking structure; stable paper breaking and long blades life
16Paper drag methodManual
17Vacuum pipe partOn-site vacuum duct piping and construction are handled by the buyer
18Machine jog functionCan choose the jog function on machine
19Machine main motor power4KW
20Machine vacuum pump power22kw
21Power supplyThree phase, 380V 50Hz
22Controlling air pressure24V
23Compressed air pressure ≥0.6MPa
23Gas consumption1000L/shift

2, DHX-150 single Channel log saw cutting machine
7 Lines Fully Automatic Facial Tissue Machine with Auto Packing Machine

The whole machine adopts servo drive technology and frequency control of motor speed and enhance the stability of paper cutting, and improves the cutting precision of tissue and to cut off the end face flat . Cutting length within the scope of the machine allows arbitrary adjustable. Fixed automatic knife grinding wheel Angle, ensure the quality of the sharpening knife. Knife grinding place often blow compressed air for cooling, and can match the special cooling fluid.

Main technical parameters

The length of the none cut off facial tissueminimum 500mm
The Height of tissue30~130mm
Design Speed 150cuts/min
operating speed120cuts/min
Round blade outer diameterΦ610mm
Finished products specification 70~300mm
Paper width70~110mm
Cutting Length70~300mm
Left-over Length 20~65mm
Power 11KW
power supply380V 50Hz
Air source0.5~0.8MPa
Machine Size4600*1700*2500mm
weight of machine 2300~2600kg
brakeParameter setting (auto/manual)
Stepping sharpening knifeParameter setting (auto)
Pneumatic sharpening knifeParameter setting (auto/manual)

3. T80SD Automatic Facial Tissue Packing Machine
7 Lines Fully Automatic Facial Tissue Machine with Auto Packing Machine
Technical SpecificationsDescriptionRemark
Scope of application Facial tissue, hand towel,napkin tissue 
InfeedASF Full automaticFive sections of intelligent flexible feeding mode
Max.design mechanical speed≤  80 bags/minRelated to specification of packing
Max. stable speed  65 bags/minRelated to specification of packing
Tissue length range (finished product)  120 mm-210 mm
Over this size can be customized
Tissue height range(finished product)  40 mm-100 mm
Tissue width range(finished product)  90 mm-105 mm
Machine sizeL*W*H= 4600 *3620 *1770  mmStandard size
Machine weight About   3T
Packing raw material
CPP film 
Film Thickness0.04mm-0.055mm 
Max film diameter   400 mmOver this size can be customized
Film core diameter76mmIn accordance with international standards
Max film width340mmOver this size can be customized
Air pressure Minimum air pressure  5MPA  
Equipped by user
Power supply380V/50HZFollowing China's electric power standard
Total drive power   4.8 KWThe sum of main motor, servo motor, Sum of speed regulating motor power
Total heating power    4.6 KWSide seal, side sealing part of heating power combined
Voltage variation+/-10%In accordance with international standards
Packing formatThree-dimensional wrapvertical sealing first and then two side sealing 

                                                             4, JY-B20T Fully automatic facial tissue bundle packing machine
7 Lines Fully Automatic Facial Tissue Machine with Auto Packing Machine
Machine main advantages

  1. TP-B20T automatic tissue bundle packing machine is suitable for automatically bundle packing soft drawn facial tissue, napkin and V fold hand towel paper.
  2. Adopt servo control for paper array, paper arrangement, paper advance, paper filling in to bag, bag pulling, bag opening and seal functions. Easy to operate and maintenance.
  3. Adopts central vacuum station management mode.
  4. Adopts up & down heating mode by heating pipe, sufficient satisfy different kind of packaging material, can ensure good look seal and stable running.
  5. Equipped with bag open detect function, air source management function, auto alarm when fault and display function, servo overload protection function.
  6. Easy for single/double rows changing, easy to operate and high efficiency.
  7. Maximum stable working speed:17 bags/min.

Machine main parameter

Basic parameterDescriptionRemark
Scope of productSingle film packed tissue productBundle packing
Paper feeding modeASF intelligent paper feeding 
Packing style 1*3,1*4,1*5
Need to be in the total packing range
Design speed20 bag/min 
Stable working speed16-18 bags/minRelate to product specification
Bag film installation structureDual bag racks 
Bag storage quantityLess than 400 premade bags 
Length range120 mm- 480 mm 
Width range135 mm- 420 mm 
Height range90 mm- 110 mm 
Machine dimensionL 3300 mm*W 1400 mm*H1900 mm
Machine weightAbout 1900 KG 
Premade bag materialCPP,PE filmThickness≥0.04mm
Compressed airPressure≥0.6MPA/Flow≥30L/minBuyer prepare
Power supply380V/50HZ 
Total motor power16  KW 
Total heating power2  KW 
Voltage wave range+/-10%National standard
I/O input(VDC)24VDC 
I/O output(VDC)24VDC 
Machine movement control mode7 shafts servo positioning controlServos drive
Machine main transmission modeServo motors drive belts 
Machine color and craftDeep grey, static spraying paint craft 
Bag typeSame as manually bag with handle and hole 
Gusset forming modeVacuum mould. 

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7 Lines Fully Automatic Facial Tissue Machine with Auto Packing Machine

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7 Lines Fully Automatic Facial Tissue Machine with Auto Packing Machine

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