9g 42inch Hand Driven Flat Knitting Machine

Product Application
High Intelligence
Automatically widening; automatically expanding (while widening);automatically shortening (while band narrowing); automatically changing yarns with two to eight different colors; automatically changing knitting speed; automatically stopping knitting for coarse knots and ending out; automatically counting to stop knitting (The middle or side stop position can be set);automatically drawing and rolling (select device available) 

Wide Applicability 
It can be assembled on various brand flat knitting machine 
(Normal width 91cm/36inch~106cm/42inch,111cm/44inch~132cm/52inch)

Various Speed Selection
Six (from I to 6) kind of speed can be chose depending on different knitting materials , knitting width and technological requirements.

Smoothly Running
The carriages can be reverse at lower speed automatically while converting so the impulsive form is slowed down to the greatest extent.

High Efficiency, High Benefits
If you use our machines you can lighten 70% labor intensity for the workers improve 20%~ 30% labor productively and make the products quality be evidently optimized.

Man-machine Interaction, Simple Operation 
The technological program is simple and easy to learn. There are 16 technological programs in the internal memory and there being equipped the external card memory(saving 32 technological programs) You can directly call the saved program. 

Product Description
Three kinds of needles are applicable to both needle beds to correspond to adjustable-center cam. lower cam and five-pitch racking devices in both sides. This allows various knitting structure patterns to be produced, such as tucking,Racked fully cardigan stitching
Product Specification / Models
Application / Models
This hand driven flat knitting machine is used to knit sweaters with wool, rabbit hair, camel wool, cashmere, cotton, linen, chemical fiber and some other yarns. There are three main models as follow:
1) Model MN: this is a general hand driven flat knitting machine, which can make single-sided and double-sided fabrics without jacquard
2) Model HK: this tertiary tuck flat knitting machine can make all kinds of single-sided and double-sided fabrics with jacquard
3) Model SX: this rest flat knitting machine can knit all kinds of fabrics with jacquard. It has other function designed according to automatic computer-controlled knitting machine, which is developed from the general hand driven flat knitting machine. It makes the operation be more humanized. In the course of knitting, you can also restart up the needles to work at any time. The unique combination cam and cam track can effectively avoid missing needle and knocking needle, so you can knit sweaters with different designs in finished from once

9g 42inch Hand Driven Flat Knitting Machine9g 42inch Hand Driven Flat Knitting Machine9g 42inch Hand Driven Flat Knitting Machine9g 42inch Hand Driven Flat Knitting Machine9g 42inch Hand Driven Flat Knitting Machine9g 42inch Hand Driven Flat Knitting Machine9g 42inch Hand Driven Flat Knitting Machine