Advanced 1600mm N95-Meltblown PP Nonwoven Fabric Machine

                        Advanced 1600mm N95-Meltblown PP Nonwoven Fabric Machine
Advanced 1600mm N95-Meltblown PP Nonwoven Fabric Machine

Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Making Making Machine

                                            This machine is suitable for PP melt-blown non-woven fabric making. It used PP chips as raw
                                       materials input undergoes the process of extrusion, spinning, quenching, closure air stretching,
                                       web formation, calendaring, winding, and cutting as per requirements, and then packed for
                                       storage and delivery.

Advanced 1600mm N95-Meltblown PP Nonwoven Fabric Machine
Model No.ASEN-M-1.6ASEN-M-2.4ASEN-M-3.2
M(Product width)1600mm2400mm3200mm
Equipment Size15*8.6*9.5m15*9*9.5m15*10*9.5m
Gram Weight10-180g/m210-180g/m210-180g/m2
Yield(according to 70g/m2)4T/Days7-8T/Days9-10T/Days


Item No.SystemWidthMachine Speed(m/min)GSMOutput (T/day)Delivery TimeInstallation Time40'HQ
1M1.6m100251.51 month15 days2
2S1.6m200133.53 months30 days5
3SS1.6m3001373 months50 days6
4SSS1.6m40013113 months70 days8
5SMS1.6m4001373 months80 days10
6SMMS/SSMS1.6m5001394 months120 days12
7SSMMS1.6m60013115 months150 days14


No.Description of GoodsQuantity
1Vacuum loader1 set
2Hopper dryer1 set
3SJ55 single screw extruder1 set
4Hydraulic screen changer1 set
5Metering pump1 set
6T die1 set
7Barrel type forming machine1 set
8Electrostatic electret device1 set
9Slit and half-off machine1 set
10Coiler1 set
1137KW screw air compressor1 set
12Air filter2 sets
13Air dryer1 set
14Air tank1 set
15Air heating system1 set
16Electric control cabinet1 set

Advanced 1600mm N95-Meltblown PP Nonwoven Fabric Machine

Advanced 1600mm N95-Meltblown PP Nonwoven Fabric Machine
maximum temperature300
Max. output200kg/h
Heating zone8tod
Perforated length3,350mm
Number of holes5.276
1 Set L/D10
Capillary diameter0.3mm
Capillary length3,600mm
Aperture90 300kg/h 1pc
Advanced 1600mm N95-Meltblown PP Nonwoven Fabric Machine

Advanced 1600mm N95-Meltblown PP Nonwoven Fabric MachineAdvanced 1600mm N95-Meltblown PP Nonwoven Fabric Machine

Professional Non-woven Fabric Making Machine Manufacturer

                                     AZX Group Limited subsidiary company is a strong R & D, excellent design, professional
                                 production & sales, and after-sales service in one company. We are specialized in manufacturing
                                 S(Spunbond), M(Meltblown), SS, SXS, SSS, SMS, SSMS, SMMS, SMMMS, SSMMS, etc. Type
                                 PP(polypropylene) Spunbond & Melt blown Nonwoven Production line. Our group was established
                                 in 2009, involved in the field of nonwoven machine, nonwoven fabric, medical supplies, etc. We
                                 are providing high-quality products and excellent services for global users.
                                    AZX has always adhered to the customer-oriented here to the "quality-oriented, service-oriented"
                                 business philosophy, adhering to the after-sales service is an important pillar in the company′s
                                 pre-sales, sales, and after-sales links, We have successfully installed over 100 lines of spun-bond
                                 & melt-blown nonwoven production line. Our equipment sales to Italy, Russia, Chile, Poland, Korea,
                                 India, Turkey, South Africa, etc., we gained a good reputation from our clients with professional
                                 technology and high-quality service.
Advanced 1600mm N95-Meltblown PP Nonwoven Fabric Machine
                               Q1: What made you choose AZX?
                                A: AZX has a team of professional engineers directly to your factory to install our spun-bonded
                                non-woven fabric making machine and melt-blown machine which high-speed, stable, and reliable
                                to help you quickly establish your own production line.

                               Q2: Are you a manufacturer?

                                 A: Yes, we are a professional manufacturer of nonwoven machinery. We also had established
                                our own trading company to expand our foreign market business and provided our customer with
                                better service.

                               Q3: Do you accept OEM?

                                 A: Of course we are.

                               Q4: How long is the warranty period?

                                 A: We provide 1 year warranty period.

                               Q5: What's your packing?

                                 A: Large parts wrapped in several turns of films, small parts boxed in a wooden crate, each
                                packaged is numbered and packed to easy loading/unloading and installation.

                               Q6: Can customers send workers to your place to study the operation of the machine?

                                 A: Of course, you are warmly welcome.

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