Alloy Indefinite Chill Mill Roll

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With the graphite in the working layer and alloy element Mn, Cr, Ni, Mo, the base of IC can change into martensite. Therefore, the resistance to accident, resistance to spalling and resistance to wear are obviously improved. Moreover, IC roll can hold the hardness well in the working layer.
Alloy Indefinite Chill Mill Roll

Manufacturing Process:
Alloy Indefinite Chill Mill Roll

Alloy Indefinite Chill Mill Roll
Alloy Indefinite Chill Mill Roll

Material and Properties:

GradeCSiMuCrNiMoVWHardness (HS)Tensile Strength (Mpa)
IC2.90/3.60  0.60/1.20 0.40/1.200.60/1.20-0.20/0.60--55/68>230
IC I2.90/3.60 0.60/1.200.40/1.200.70/1.200.50/1.000.20/0.60--60/72>230
IC II2.90/3.60 0.60/1.200.40/1.200.70/1.201.00/2.000.20/0.60--60/78>230
IC III2.90/3.60 0.60/1.200.40/1.200.70/1.202.00/3.000.20/1.20--65/80>230
IC IV2.90/3.60 0.60/1.200.40/1.200.70/1.203.00/4.800.20/1.20--68/85>230
IC V2.90/3.60 0.60/1.200.40/1.200.70/1.203.00/4.800.20/2.000.20/2.000.00/2.0075/90>230

Intermediate and finishing stands of bar, wire rod and medium section mills.
Forming, sizing, reducing and straightening rolls for pipe and tube mills.
Sleeves for Universal finishing stands (Horizontal & Vertical).
Alloy Indefinite Chill Mill Roll