Animal Food Full Fat Soybean Extruder

Product Information
1. It is widely applied to the extrusion of feed materials, such as soybean, corn, and bean dregs, etc; and production of sheet porket feed, processing of special materials, such as rice bran and blood meal, etc; as well as pre-treatment of oil in oil industry.
2. High temperature, pressure and cutting effect can effectively kill the bacteria and detoxicate, changing the nutrition resistant factor, lowering the degradation of nutrients, improving the digestibility of protein and starch. Special design of gearbox structure can promise balanced and reliable transmission, needing no cooling system. Horizontal strong feeding structure can effectively increase the capacity by 20% above.
3. Quick-wear parts are made by special alloy steel, extending its life, lowering the cost.
4. It is a kind of machine with multiple uses. The customer just needs to change a few parts. It can be used to produce extruded soybean, extruded corn and sheet porket feed, etc, greatly lowering the cost.
 Main Technical Parameters

Power (kw)55/75/9090/110110/132
Soybean meal1.0-2.53.0-4.03.0-7.0

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Animal Food Full Fat Soybean Extruder


1. Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

    A: We are a manufacturer, which has almost 20 years of experience in this industry.


2. Q: How can I get to your company?

    A: You can get a flight to Nanjing Airport. We are just about 40-50mins away from Nanjing Airport.


3. Q: How long is your guarantee?

    A: One Year (Calculated from the equipment arrives the customer's side.). After this period we will definitely
still support you when needed. You will be welcome to contact us with any problem might experience.


4. Q: Will you send engineers to install the plant?

    A: yes, but at an extra cost payable by the customer. Or you can get local contractors to do the
commissioning and we send one supervising engineer.

Exported Equipment
AR products have been exported to South Korea, Iraq, Denmark, Egypt, South Africa, Vietnam etc. The customers have been pleased with the products whatever on design or quality. We also get many new clients introduced by them. Our goal is to make each initial transaction into a continually beneficial and lasting business relationship.
Animal Food Full Fat Soybean Extruder

Last year, we attended two big exhibitions, one was VIV China 2012, held in Beijing during 23rd- 25th Sep, 2012; another was The Tenth (2012)China Animal Husbandry Expo, held in Nanjing. We have completed several successful operations from the two exhibitions, and more importantly our company and products are well known by more customers. This year, we hope we could get create more mutually beneficial business relationships in The Eleventh(2013) China Animal Husbandry Expo, which will be held in Wuhan during 18th-20th May, 2013. Our tear circle hammer mill,pellet mill, mixer, crumbler will be showed on this exhibition.
Animal Food Full Fat Soybean Extruder

About US
CHANGZHOU FARTHEST MACHINERY CO., LTD is a comprehensive manufacturer of feed machinery, bio-energy machinery, organic fertilizer machinery and turn key projects. We are dedicated to service for domestic feed industry customers. FAR has worked in this field for almost 20 years and wins an outstanding reputation in feed machinery. Clients from home and abroad give a high praise to FAR products.

Animal Food Full Fat Soybean Extruder

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