API 6A Casing Head Assembly (CDWC)

Product Description
Product Details:
Type Other
Machine Type Drilling Equipment
Processing Type Casting
Material Stainless Steel
Certification API
Use Well Drilling

Detailed Product Description

Casing Head

We also welcome OEM and ODM.

Casing head
Casing head and casing spool use standard design, and can apply to all kinds of slip and mandrel type casing hanger.
Straight-bore Design
45° Shoulder design with high load capacity.
Side Outlet Connection Form
Pipeline thread side outlet. Threaded flange side outlet, design with VR plug.
Secondary Seal
Design with multi-structure secondary seals at bottom. Installation can be performed on spot per different structure types, injection or non-injection can achieve seal.
Interchangeability of Casing Hanger
Casing hanger design with standard profile
Interchangeability between slip casing hanger and mandrel type casing hanger
Connection Forms between Casing Head and Surface Casing
Threaded bottom type
Welded bottom type
Slip bottom type

we have got API approved with our license number 6A-1227, 16C-0174, so plz find the following our valves and parts in stock or under production now:

1-13/16 10000psi  (40pcs)
2-1/16  10000PSI  (900pcs)
2-1/16  15000PSI  (55pcs)
2-9/16  10000PSI  (60pcs)
3-1/16  10000PSI  (60pcs)
4-1/16  10000PSI  (100pcs)
4-1/16  15000PSI  (50pcs)
5-1/8   100000psi  (55pcs)
7-1/16  100000psi  (44pcs)
2-1/16  5000PSI  (10pcs)
2-1/16  10000PSI  (20pcs)
3-1/16  10000PSI  (10pcs)
2-1/16  15000PSI  (30pcs)
3-1/16  15000PSI  (20pcs)
7-1/16 10000PSI BALL SCREW FLS VALVE (10pcs)
410SS+supersonic tungsten caribde gates and seats: 
1-13/16" 10000PSI              450sets
2-1/16" 10000PSI, 15000PSI     300sets
2-9/16" 10000PSI, 15000PSI     200sets
3-1/16" 10000PSI               400sets 
3-1/16" 15000PSI               100sets
4-1/16" 10000PSI               300sets
4-1/16" 15000PSI               200sets
5-1/8" 10000PSI                350sets
7-1/16" 10000PSI               300sets
2-1/16"   5000PSI    300SET    
3-1/8"    5000PSI    50 sets     
4-1/16"   5000psi    50sets   
7-1/16"   20sets
2"  5000PSI   40 sets    
3"  5000psi   40sets    
4"  5000psi   30sets    
5"   5000psi   50sets
DEMCO  2"    7500PSI     20 sets   
3"  7500psi    15sets   
4"   7500psi   20  sets    
5"  7500psi   30 sets
FIG206 2" 150,  3" 100, 4"   300PCS
FIG602,1502   2" 100,  3" 150, 4"   100PCS under production
Also type of BOPS including models as following, total quantity 50sets:
21-1/4" 2k annular 
Double-ram 21 1/4" 3K 
annular 13 5/8" 5K
Double-ram 13 5/8" 10K 
Single-ram 13 5/8" 10K 
Annular-11" 10K    
D-Ram 11" 15K                   
S-ram 11" 15K   
Annular-9" 10K      
D-Ram 11" 15K                   
S-ram 9" 15K   
D-Ram 9" 15K     
Annular-7" 10K   
D-Ram 7" 15K                   
S-ram 7 " 15K   
Annular - 7 " 5K      
D-Ram 7" 10K                   
S-ram 7 " 10K   
D-Ram 7" 5K                  
S-ram 7 " 5K   

XQ140-12YA   15pcs  
XQ140-12YT   6pcs    
TQ340/35     7pcs   
ZQ127-25Y    15pcs 
XQ114-6YB    13pcs
XQ89/3YB     11pcs

As you can see that our production range is very wide, for any need or inquiry of the above, just contact with me freely, looking forward to start our cooperation through our mutual efforts and your further reply would be highly appreciated.

API 6A Casing Head Assembly (CDWC)