API 6A Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment

API 6A Wellhead and Christmas Tree EquipmentAPI 6A Wellhead and Christmas Tree EquipmentAPI 6A Wellhead and Christmas Tree EquipmentAPI 6A Wellhead and Christmas Tree EquipmentWellhead and Christmas Tree equipment, the key equipment used in oil/gas production, consist of casing head, tubing head and Christmas tree, which are applicable for hanging casing string and tubing string, sealing the annular space between casing and tubing, and controlling the pressure of the production wellhead and adjusting the flow rate of oil/gas wellhead as well as some special operations such as acid fracture, water-injection and testing and so on.

Designed as per API Spec 6A-21st

Technology specification


Rated Working Pressure2000 PSI ~ 20000 PSI
Rated Working TemperatureL,N,P,S,T,U,V
Material ClassAA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF
Product Specification LevelPSL1~PSL3
Performance Requirement LevelPR1, PR2
Suitable MediumOil, natural gas, mud and water

Christmas tree is a key equipment to control the pressure in wellhead and adjust the flow rate of oil/gas well in oil/gas production operation;
The structure type is single-wing or dual-wing, single barrel or dual barrel;
It can be complete with pneumatic/hydraulic safety valve; and can be provided with control console for remote control;
As required, the matched choke can be positive or adjustable alternatively.

Technical specifications for Christmas Tree

Working Pressure
Psi (Mpa)
Nominal bore
Minimum Vertical bore mmSide outlet
Tubing (O/D)
2,000 (14)46.0 (46)46.0 (42.9*)4652.4 (48.3*)
3,000 (21)52.4 (52)52.446, 5260.3
5,000 (35)65.1 (65)65.152, 6573
10,000 (70)77.8 (78)77.865, 7888.9
15,000 (105)79.4* (80)79.465, 8088.9
20,000 (140)103.2 (103)103.278, 103114.3

Suitable for working circumstances where working pressure is below 35 Mpa.