API Factory of Water Mud Systems Bw850/2 Pump in Stock


Horizontal ,three-cylinder single-acting ,reciprocal piston pump, used to supply flushing fluid to the drilling well in project

Model No.:BW850/2
Cylinder diameter150 mm
Piston Stroke180 mm
Number of Strokes82, 58 Num./min
Displacement850, 600 litre/min
Pressure2.0, 3.0 mpa
Speed of V-Belt wheel470 rpm
Power input40/54 kW (hp)
Diameter of suction pipe127mm (5")
Diameter of discharge pipe63.5 mm (2-1/2")
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)2000 x 1030 x 1400 mm
Weight1450 kg

API Factory of Water Mud Systems Bw850/2 Pump in Stock

BW850/2 Mud Pumps is equipped with drilling rigs to drill holes with mud. During drilling mud pump pumps slurry to the hole to provide coat to the wall, to lubricate the drilling tools and to carry the rock debris up to the ground.

BW850/2 mud pump are mainly used for irrigation agricultural machinery.the main characteristic is the high pressure,lift much,less engergy consumption,easy operation,high quality and duarable,easy to move,especially for mountain terraces of irrigation.

BW850/2 type mud pump is a horizontal triplex single acting reciprocating piston pump, which has two bore and fourth gear speed. Displacement and hole depth can be adjusted according to the application, the deepest can be adjusted to the application,the deepest can be used with 1800meters driling rig,it also can be used cement perfusion.

They are also the main equipment of the geological survey,the main role in the process of core drilling boreholes is to supply fluid(mud or water),making it circulate during drilling and carry rock waste back to the ground,in order to achieve and maintain the bottom hole clean and lubricate drill bits and drilling tools with cooling.

BW850/2 mud pumps horizontal, two-cylinder, double-acting, drive with built-in gear reducer and are designed to discharge washing liquid (water, mud) in the hole in exploration and stratigraphic drilling for oil and gas. Mud pumps are also widely used in the food, chemical and construction industries for pumping various non-aggressive liquids.

When drilling, use the pump BW850/2 for supplying washing liquid. To operate this pump may be at different temperatures (from-50 C to +40 C). The washing liquid may be water or various emulsion, a basic requirement for which is:Density,viscosity,the amount of sand,the number of cuttings.
Equipped with ball valves pump BW850/2 can be used for pumping a variety of complex solutions, which must have certain parameters:Density,viscosity,solid particles in the composition.

1. We have service team to supply professional guidance for installation.
2. Our quality inspection department will check each of machine before leaving the factory.
3. We offer one-year quality warranty for main body of machine.
4. All of machines we sold hold the ISO, QC, TUV certificates and so on


API Factory of Water Mud Systems Bw850/2 Pump in Stock

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