aquaculture fish farm pond floating oxygen aerator


Product Description

aquaculture fish farm pond floating oxygen aerator     

New type drainage and irrigation dual-purpose floating pump or suspension pump

1.Brief introduction and explanation of Technology

The pump is composed of motor pump floating body composed of motor casing made of metal material, the casing is made of high strength engineering plastic injection, non-toxic, no paint layer off, and durable, formed inside and outside the double casing, when the water from the bottom to the upper end of the outlet suction pressure, spray through the double casing, the motor cooling conditions the best motor equipped with phase overcurrent protection devices to automatically protect the motor function, engineering plastic blow molding process of floating body shape, with a screw to connect pump flange , floating on the water surface, increasing oxygen nozzle can be used for fish pond pump outlet is installed, such as the water outlet is connected with the hose can be good for irrigation, sprinkler, water pump on the floating body floating in the water, with the water level, water depth between 40-50 cm, in the bottom of the pump case, no sediment suction, guarantee Service life of shaft seal.
The whole design is reasonable, the maintenance is simple, the practicability is strong, the appearance is generous, it is the newest generation of aeration irrigation and drainage multi-purpose pump.

Detailed Photos

aquaculture fish farm pond floating oxygen aerator
aquaculture fish farm pond floating oxygen aerator2.Matters needing attention:
(1) You should carefully check the transmission line and voltage, knife switch, fuse box, plug and socket is good contact in the floating pump before, must install leakage protection.

(2) Before work should be connect the ground wire, when working within a radius of five meters to allow no one to enter, the power should be cut off  when moving the water pump, in case.

(3) The pump without water or water rarely, should check whether the bottom intake is blocked ,such as three-phase should be replaced by three lines of any two lines can be,make the motor clockwise.

(4) When the voltage is too low, the three-phase power supply is lack of phase and the three-phase voltage is unbalanced, the protector will automatically cut off the power supply and protect the motor from being burnt out. When the pump impeller is jammed by the foreign body and causes the motor to overload, it will also cause the protector to take off. The above fault can not be regarded as a time switch, should be cut off the power supply, please electrician inspection.

Product Parameters


ModelVoltageFrequencyInput powerM.FlowM.Headoxygen transfer capacityRemark
 (V)HzkWhp(m³/h)(m)kg(O2)/h    m²
NFBD0.75-5-25220/380500.751254.50.6kg(O2)/hAll floating pump with copper wire,plastic casing,engineering plastic loating,spray nozzle,elbow pipe,13m black round cable(3 phase no plug),3" outlet,4" outletcarton



aquaculture fish farm pond floating oxygen aerator

3.Aeration of fish ponds

The screw is connected with the pump flange with a floating body, mounted on the nozzle into the water, with a rope soza in rings floating body is fixed on the necessary position, power can spray aerator.
The floating pump suspended in deep water to suction lower oxygen poor water and then from the nozzle, forming rapid spray into the air and water in contact with the air in the air, increase the oxygen content in the water is dispersed into water droplets, ranging from the size of the drop in the pond water, the formation of a storm circle, water blisters and stir water, pond water convection causes the increased volatility of oxygen and lower water, play a role in fish pond.

4.Diving irrigation and drainage

The floating body is connected with a screw and pump flange, install water outlet ,with the wire hose fastening clamps, no port, not afraid of rain water, not limited suction, directly into the water, will be able to start pumping power, the mobile is very convenient, in the shallow water depth of less than 10 cm deep can stand the use of water, but the water medium can not exceed the standard, because the pump is double cold type manufacturing, as long as the outlet water outflow motor is cooled, will not affect the service life of the water pump, other submersible pumps are not comparable with it.

Company Profile


Zhejiang Baituo Mechanical And Electrical Company Limited is a modern enterprise that combines scientific research, production, sale and service. It focuses to develop and manufacture vortex gas pump, aerator, dual-purpose floating pump and other products.

With "Customer Satisfaction" as our philosophy, our company focuses on products and complete sets of sales and services, and providing customers with "Active, Standardized, Meticulous, Innovative" professional services wholeheartedly , thus forming a complete set of service system. We have served vast number of new and old customers in different kinds of lines around the world.

"Quality is our culture"-- With the corporate culture of pursuing excellence, advocating first-class and striving for perfection in every detail, our company constantly optimizes the industrial structure, improves the scientific and technological content of products, perfects enterprise system and high-quality technical management team.

Baituo will be your best choose, let us growing and benefits together!

aquaculture fish farm pond floating oxygen aerator


From left to right,it show the CE cerficate of aerator ,Trademark Registration Certificate,Design patent certificate,business license,CE cerficate of vortex gasp ump.
aquaculture fish farm pond floating oxygen aerator



Packaging & Shipping

aquaculture fish farm pond floating oxygen aerator

Packing:Motors are packed in plywood cases or carton,floatings are packed in bag or in nude.
Shipping:All goods can be shipped by sea,land,train,plane. And we accept FCL or bulk shipment.


aquaculture fish farm pond floating oxygen aerator