Aromatic Species for Essential Oil Steam Distillation

This equipment is suitable for the extraction of various flowers and leaves which contain essential oil. It adopts water vapor distillation apparatus for water distillation method and water proof distillation method, so the extraction of plant volatile component is effectively, this equipment is suitable for enterprises to set up production near the plant origin place. The equipment is new, multifunctional and multipurpose plant essential oil extraction unit. the equipment can collect the plant essential oil, aromatic plants, and other effective ingredients efficiently.


Features and advantage:
Oil extraction rate is very high
Adapt to various heating methods
Machine structure can be done according to customer requirements
This equipment is made of SUS304 stainless steel with special frame.
It has Special condenser design which can extract the oil efficiently.
This machine equips Digital Display Control System.
Aromatic Species for Essential Oil Steam Distillation

Aromatic Species for Essential Oil Steam DistillationAromatic Species for Essential Oil Steam Distillation


the operation steps:
1) check after normal, open the total power switch to start the electric control cabinet power supply.At this point the thermostat display material and the current temperature of the boiler.
2) from the dog-house join the right amount of material and solvent.(from endoscopic observation material and the liquid level.)
3) set the required heating temperature and boiler temperature limit.Open the heating button when heating the green indicator light on the button represents can be heated.If the current temperature didn't reach the set temperature, heating will continue, or heating will stop automatically.
4) open the condenser water inlet valve, make the work within the cooling water to the condenser.For the condensation effect is good, must make the pledge that we shall fill below 25 ºC water under 40 ºC.
5) when the temperature of the distillation tank arrived at above 95 ºC, can be observed from the glass pipe slowly drops out of the oil-water separator has a solution.When distillation tank temperature reached 100 ºC, the effect of extraction can be observed obviously.
(note: distillation temperature not too high, prevent condenser cooling, not in time lead to volatile oil leakage).
6) when the distillation to a certain amount, the observed layered glass pipe and oil-water separator with solution, the upper solution can be released from the valves on the oil water separator, are collected.
7) after the extraction, shut off the heating system.Also can use the solution within the collection bottle again long glass tube let stand stratification treatment.
8) shut down the water.To extract the tank when the temperature drops below 60 ºC, open the retort corresponding drainage valves.Distillation tank of residual liquid from the bottom of the retort, open the extraction tank cover.Proposed filtering distillation basket, remove the residue.
9) shut off the power and clean.
Equipment working process and working principle:
(a) water vapor water distillation
1) of the material into the extracting tank distillation in the basket, basket distillation for orifice plate structure, distillation blue can be on-demand materials, such as fresh flowers and plants is placed at the bottom of the retort to join a certain percentage of pure water, water not overflow the distillation blue lowest place.General material liquid ratio of 1:3 is best.(can also add a moderate amount of additives according to the technical requirement).
2) open the extraction distillation tank heating system, make the distilled water heated to set temperature (generally for water boiling temperature of 100 degrees Celsius), extract the normal start.When distilled water temperature reached 70 degrees Celsius, open condensate valve. If equipped with ice water unit need to be water temperature reached 50 degrees Celsius is open cold water unit, and maintain stability of the condenser water flow rate.
3) distillation extraction began, oil-water separator bottom by glass pipe dynamically observe essential oil extraction effect.
4) distillation extraction began, condenser condensate must be open.General plant essential oil extraction time is longer, mezzanine boiler temperature can be set to 120 ~ 130 degrees Celsius, distillation tank temperature setting to 102 ~ 105 degrees.To keep the distillation tank water boiling.Ensure that the steam is enough.
Operation experience: before distillation temperature reach the set value, can be set higher interlayer boiler temperature, such as 150 degrees, let the temperature rise more quickly, when the temperature difference 10 degrees or so close to the set value, the temperature of interlining boiler to normal, such as 115 degrees.
5) general distillation extraction time is 3 ~ 5 hours, (according to the roses, for example, 3 hours yield efficiency 84.783%, yield efficiency 95.652%) 5 hours after the distillation extraction, shut off the distillation extraction tank heating system, etc. After 20 minutes in the closed cooling water.
6) condenser opens in the extraction tank temperature to 80 ° C, while ensuring the condenser top open open.
7) condenser in normal work, the upper openings with water vapor.If there are any vapor emitted that condensed water temperature too high or low condensed water.If there are any conditions, can use cold water cycle refrigeration unit.It can better improve the effect of the extraction of volatile oil.
(note: if the API to powder or tiny particles that can use API into the first fine stainless steel wire mesh paved distillation in the blue, after extraction is advantageous for the liquid out.)
(2) water vapor distilled water
1) the flowers and plants such as the material directly into the distillation extraction tank, the bottom of the retort adding suitable amount of pure water, half of the volume of water not overflow the retort, generally for 1/3 of the tanks as well.(can also add a moderate amount of additives according to process requirements, generally increase the concentration of 2.5% concentration of sodium chloride aqueous solution to distillation, obvious effect).
2) open the extraction distillation tank heating system, make the distilled water heated to set temperature (generally for water boiling temperature of 100 degrees Celsius), extract the normal start.When distilled water boiling on condensed water device, guide the steam entering the condenser, cooler, oil water separator.Condensate can be opened in advance.
Behind (like water distillation operation.)
We have nearly 20,000 square meters, registered capital of 20 million,
and had total assets of 130 million, Company had more than 400 employees.
The technical staff composed of 40 master's or doctor's degrees,138 bachelor's degrees.
Our company passed the ISO9001 QUALITY, and
a number of products certificate such as China quality mark certification and CE certification.