ASME 3 Axle 30 Tons 60000 Liters Road Tanker Propane Tanker LPG Gas Road Tank Trailer

ASME LPG Tank Trailer 3 Axle LPG Trailer 
1:materil:Q345R carbon steel made in china 
2:100% X-raying test 
3:standard: GB150 

Parameter of the LPG semi-trailer

TankDescription of LPG tank59.6CBM LPG semi-trailer
Type numberCLW9400GYQA
Overall dimensions (mm)13000*2500*3990
Curb weight(kg)25000
Approach Angle/Angle of departure-/20 (°)
Wheel base7230+1310+1310(mm)
Tire12R22.5 12PR
Axle Number3
Type of vesselThe third kind
Design pressure1.77MPa
Max working pressure1.61MPa
Design temperature-19~50ºC
Filling mediumLiquid petroleum gas (propane)
Corrosion allowance1.0mm
Thermal treatmentThe entirety
Filling factor420-590kg/CBM
Material of the tankQ345R
Hydraulic test pressure2.22 M Pa
Gas tight test pressure1.77 M Pa
Cylinder thickness14mm
Head thickness14mm
Service time10 years
Liquid level indicatorTypeUNZ-518C14
Version of the indicatorMagnetic type liquid level indicator
Normal pressure2.5M Pa
Scope of testing50-2300mm
Safety valveModelA42F-2.5-80
Normal pressure2.5 M Pa
Normal diameterDN80
Opening pressure1.68~1.76M Pa
Re-seating pressure>=0.8 times of the opening pressure
Loading and unloading systemNormal diameterFeed pipDN80
Drain pipDN80
Admission portDN80
Sewage outfall portDN80
Vent nozzle portDN80
StandardGB150 <pressure vessel>  TSG R0004-2009
SpecificationDesigned Pressure: 1.77Mpa
Filling Ratio: 0.42-0.59 kg/L
Working Temperature:-50ºC
Corrosion Allowance: 1mm
Standard configuration
13TBPW axle,ABS system,Single out the liquid ,Double toolkit ,thermometer,pressure gage,JOST king pin,JOST leg,Emergeny cut-off valves,Safety valve ,12 tubeless tire and one spare tire,fire extinguisher,anti-static tape,plastic mudfender.

ASME 3 Axle 30 Tons 60000 Liters Road Tanker Propane Tanker LPG Gas Road Tank Trailer
The lpg gas trailer is also called lpg tank trailer,lpg semi trailer, lpg trailer, lpg gas tanker semi trailer,etc. The lpg semi trailer is consisted of lpg gas tank, thermometer, pressure gage, content gage, landing leg,trailer axle, pipeline system, valves,etc.The lpg semi trailer is mainly used to transport liquid propane gas. 
Our lpg tank is 100% x-ray test and export over all the world. The semi trailer axles can be fuwa axle, BPW axle,etc. The tyres can be steel wire tyre, tubeless tire, Nylon tyre. The landing leg of our semi trailer can be Jost landing legs, fuwa langing leg,etc. The kingpin diameter of our semi-trailer can be 90mm or 50mm.

We also customize the semi-trailer lift axle air suspension, trailer suspension leaf springs.
 we have the biggest LPG gas tank trailer and LPG truck in the world:
1. we have the biggest LPG tank trailer in the world, the valid volume is 59.6cbm; low transport costs, more profit.
2. we have the biggest LPG truck in China, it's valid volume is 35.5cbm;
3. our LPG storage tank ranged from 10cbm to 100cbm. both on the floor ones and in the ground ones.

1.Payment:30% deposit after order confirmation, 70% balance should be paid before delivery.
2.Delivery time: 25 working days after payment is received.

Packaging & Shipping:
1. Naked or waxed before on board. 
2. Delivery time: 30 days after receiving payment in advance. 
3. By RORO or Bulk ship. 

Our warranty: 
1. One year quality guarantee for three key parts: Axles, engine, transmission. 
2. Other spare part could be supplied by OEM at cost prices. 
3. Regularly callback to know the vehicle's working status. 
4. The overseas engineers are always ready to deal with unexpected needs.
Below specification is just for your reference. More information of our LPG Tank trailer.please feel free to contact us.

ASME 3 Axle 30 Tons 60000 Liters Road Tanker Propane Tanker LPG Gas Road Tank Trailer
   HUBEI FUYA VEHICLE CO.,LTD is as the exporting comapny of ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd ,which is appointed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, is a big manufacturer producing all kinds of special trucks. It has registered trademark"CHENLIWEI" and the products code is CLW. It has solid technology,flawless inspection,advanced equipments,reliant quality and flexible modes of operation. What's more, it has roundly passed the certificaton of ISO 9001-2008 and the 3C Certification(China Compulsory Certification) and other certifications that export needed.

Since ChengLi company was established in Sep. 2004, ChengLi Special Trucks have always taken the top place in Chinese market in recent ten years and have procured remarkable achievements interiorly and oversea.

We can design and produce many kinds of special trucks accurately as your request. Our company own independent export right, and has a mount of clients overseas, such as the U.N., Sudan, Nigeria, North America, West Africa, Congo, Vietnam Ghana, Kazakhstan etc. We strives for the survival by the quality and credit standing is the guarantee of our success.
 ASME 3 Axle 30 Tons 60000 Liters Road Tanker Propane Tanker LPG Gas Road Tank Trailer
 Cheng Li LPG Pressure Vessel functional characteristics:
1. Anti-corrosion coating the surface .Using sand-blasting treatment, spraying, blowing, and other advanced technology. 
2.High-quality home-made or imported Safety Accessories for users matching, fully furnished. 
3.Strictly to science and the advanced construction technology to ensure that at low temperatures, the contraction rate of the highest dimensional stability. 
4. rigorous quality testing: A, B Class 100% seam-ray testing, II level qualified C, D Class weld 100% magnetic particle inspection, I level qualified. 

Tank shaped use the advanced welding technology, end socket arc butt welding, and the once-forming of composite steel-plastic technology. Equipped with active and passive safety devices to meet an emergency and can load and unload the material in long distance and completely close condition. Be applied to transport natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied ammonia, carbon bisulfide, epoxy ethane, gas, butane, dimethylmethane, propylene, etc. Cross section of tank could be oval, round and round-square. heat insulation and heating device is optional. 

Advantages of CLW lpg gas tank semi trailer
1. Anti-corrosion coating surface treatment are used sand-blasting, painting, sweeping and other advanced technology.
2. High-quality domestic and imported the security annex to be selected, comprehensive
3. Strictly to science and advanced construction technology, to ensure the lowest in the low temperature contraction rate, the high
4. Rigorous quality testing: A, B Class 100% weld ray detection, II level qualified. C, D Class weld 100% magnetic particle testing, I-level qualified
5. We also can produce according to customer needs for a variety of chassis converted to ammonia, liquid sulfur dioxide, propylene, propane, liquefied petroleum gas, dimethyl ether, butane, iso-butane, butene, isobutylene, butadiene , ethylene oxide, and most gas vehicle
ASME 3 Axle 30 Tons 60000 Liters Road Tanker Propane Tanker LPG Gas Road Tank TrailerASME 3 Axle 30 Tons 60000 Liters Road Tanker Propane Tanker LPG Gas Road Tank TrailerASME 3 Axle 30 Tons 60000 Liters Road Tanker Propane Tanker LPG Gas Road Tank TrailerASME 3 Axle 30 Tons 60000 Liters Road Tanker Propane Tanker LPG Gas Road Tank Trailer