ASME Pressure Vessel 20tons LPG Tank 40m3 LPG Storage Tank Price

5,000liters to 200,000 liters LPG Propane Gas Storage Tank 2.5tons to 100tons ISO Liquified Pertroleum Gas Tanker ASME LPG Cooking Gas Cylinder 20tons

1)lpg storage tank capacity

5,000l , 10,000l, 15,000l, 20,000l, 25,000l, 30,000l, 35,000l, 50,000l, 80,000l, 100,000l . 120,000l, 150,000l, 180,000l, 200,000l. OR

2.5tons, 5tons, 10tons, 15tons, 20tons, 25tons, 30tons, 35tons, 40tons, 45tons, 50tons, 55tons,  60tons.

2) lpg storage tank material
Q345R Q370R SA516

3) lpg storage tank production flow
cuttings-bending plate-submerged arc welding-assembly-non destructive testing-heat treatment- hydraulic test- sand blasting-painting

4) Destination country

Nigeria, Niger, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique, Zimbabwe... 

Technique Parameter for 20MT lpg gas tank

Item No.Parameters 
Volume of Tank (cbm)40
Tare Weight (kg)8630 kg
Filling Capacity (kg)20000 kg
Thickness of Shell (mm)12
Thickness of Endplate (mm)14
tank cylinder diameter (mm)2300
External Dimensions (mm)
(length ×width ×height)
Material of Tank and Main Pressure PartsCarbon Steel Q345R
Filling MediumLiquefied Petroleum Gas
Design Pressure1.77MPa ( 256.65 Psi)
Corrosion Allowance1 mm
Medium Density550 kg/ cbm

Accessory list for 40000l lpg gas tank

Accessories List 
Parts NoSizeParts NameModel No.QuantityUnit
aDN50Cut-off Valve for Drain OutletJ41N-2.5-501set
bDN50Cut-off Valve for Liquid Phase OutletJ41N-2.5-501set
c1DN50Cut-off Valve for Gas Phase Balance OutletJ41N-2.5-501set
c2DN50Cut-off Valve for Gas Phase Balance OutletJ41N-2.5-501set
dDN50Cut-off Valve for Liquid InletJ41N-2.5-501set
iDN50Cut-off Valve for Air Drain OutletJ41N-2.5-501set
hDN80Cut-off Valve for Safety ValveJ41N-2.5-801set
f1DN25Cut-off Valve for Magnetic Level GaugeJ41N-2.5-251set
f2DN25Cut-off Valve for Magnetic Level GaugeJ41N-2.5-251set
gM20*1.5Pressure GaugeY-100T1set
//Magnetic Level GaugeHG21584-951set
/DN80Safety ValveA42F-251set
 M20×1.5Needle ValveJ24W-320-DN61set
Total Quantity14 

Detailed pics for lpg toroidal tank
ASME Pressure Vessel 20tons LPG Tank 40m3 LPG Storage Tank Price

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1) LPG tank skid tank capacity varies from 2.5tons to 20tons
It contains LPG tank, LPG dispenser/ LPG filling scale, LPG pump, Explosion proof control box,Leakage detection,water cooling system, level meter and valves as complete set on the skid, available for filling the LPG vehicles and LPG cooking/camping cylinder.
ASME Pressure Vessel 20tons LPG Tank 40m3 LPG Storage Tank Price

2) LPG Bobtail tank capacity varies from 2.5tons to 10tons

Main parts installed on lpg bobtail: blackmer/corken pump, cylinder filling gun, dispenser filling weight scales, mass flow meter or volumetric flow meter, Pressure Gauge, Rochester Level Gauge etc.

ASME Pressure Vessel 20tons LPG Tank 40m3 LPG Storage Tank Price
3) LPG tank Semi Trailer tank capacity varies from 20tons to 30tons 
ASME Pressure Vessel 20tons LPG Tank 40m3 LPG Storage Tank Price

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ASME Pressure Vessel 20tons LPG Tank 40m3 LPG Storage Tank Price

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