Automatic Block Making Machine for AAC Panel Production


The AAC production process includes raw material preparation, batching and mixing, pouring, precuring, cutting, autoclaving, and packing. With decades of experience in serving the AAC blocks production machinery industry, we can supply customers with quality AAC block production lines with capacity ranging from 80,000m3 to 400,000m3 per year.


KEDA SUREMAKER professional laboratory center will test the customer's raw materials to provide the formula design, we will also offer the customized plant layout and the related design documents. All the equipment will be debugged before the delivery. We'll also arrange professional project manager and engineers for site installation supervision and local training to ensure the successful production start-up. 

In this industry, We have more than 20 years of experience. In 2018, our manager director gave technical speech on 6th International Conference on Autoclaved Aerated Concrete in German. Last year, we hosted the 39th annual meeting of China Aerated Concrete Association and the 2019 International Forum, which attracted more than 800 participants worldwide. 

Parameter of the processes

Mixing period5-6 minutes
Pouring slurry temperature40-45ºC
Cake curing time2.5-3.0h
Cake curing temperature45~55ºC
Cake strength after curing0.15~0.18MPa
Autoclaved curing system before-after autoclave0.5h
Listing pressure1.5h(-0.06~1.3MPa)
Constant pressure8h(1.3MPa)
Releasing pressure1.5h(1.3~0MPa)



Siliceous materials : Sand / Fly ash / Tailings containing silicon / Ceramic waste
Calcareous material: Lime block + cement + gypsum
Others: Aluminum powder paste  
Automatic Block Making Machine for AAC Panel Production
Automatic Block Making Machine for AAC Panel Production

Special cutting design : All the steel wire columns are fixed on two main oblique  beams of cutting machine and each pair of the columns is used to fix only one steel wire , so that the horizontal  cutting machine can avoid the settlement cracks problem in thin block and panel cutting , and achieve the minimum horizontal cutting thickness of 50mm block out of a whole mould. The integral swing frame of the vertical cutting machine can ensure the side plate replacement , the cutting action can be synchronized with ferry replacement. With automatic detection system . the broken wire can be timely detected.

Automatic Block Making Machine for AAC Panel Production
Automatic Block Making Machine for AAC Panel Production

Automatic packing system can realize the automatic rotation stacking and splicing of blocks and  realize the packing function with pallet or non-pallet. The stacking specification can realize 1.2m×0.6m 1.2m×1m 1.2m×12m 1m×0.6m multiple  stacking , and the height of the stacking can be 1.2m, 1.5m , 1.8m and 2.4m. 

Automatic Block Making Machine for AAC Panel Production


Automatic Block Making Machine for AAC Panel Production

1. Low density : Can be 325kg /m3
2. Good thermal insulating properties
3. Cost few time to build, saving time
4. Easy to operate , saving labor cost
5. Good performance of preventing fire
6. Good sound-insulation properties
7. Durable , anti-seismic , recyclable

Product classification is according to national standards GB/T 11968-2006 AAC block, also can be according to user's requirements to produce product with special specifications size.

NameAAC block
Weight300~600 Kg/m3(control led by formula)
After autoclave compressive strengthaverage value≥3.5MPa, Min. value<=2.8Mpa
Drying shrinkage valueMeasured under condition of rapid method≤0.8mm/m;Measured under condition of standard method≤0.5mm/m
Frost-resistanceAfter the cycle of freezing and thawing for 15 times,weight loss≤ 5%,
strength loss≤ 20%
Coefficient of thermal conductivity≤0.14~0.16W/m.k