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CE Approved Automatic Poultry Equipment for Farming Chicken
Brand: U-Best


Company Profile

Weifang U-Best Husbandry Equipment Co.,Ltd:

We are professional leading manufacturer and supplier of poultry equipment in China!


Our equipment has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification ,CE and PC Certification By SGS/Soncap/SASO!


We have our own production line so we can control the quality very well! Our poultry equipment has been exported to more than 40 countries and have good market reputation!


We have many different project of chicken farm in Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, UAE, Lenanon, Palestain, Qatar, Kosovo, Pery, Columbia, Honduras, Dominica Republic, Paraguay, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Argentina, Greece, Spain, Australia and Fiji etc.  .




A Complete Set Automatic Poultry Equipment for Farming Chicken Includes The Following Parts:

(1) main feed line of silo;

(2) pan feeding line system;

(3) nipple drinking line system;

(4) ventilation system;

(5) cooling pad system;

(6) climate and power controller system;

(7) fogger spraying and disinfection system;

(8) heater;

(9) curtain for two side walls of open type chicken house.

CE Approved Automatic Poultry Equipment for Farming Chicken
Poultry Farm Machine - Modern Design Fully Automatic Control

Professional Service


Our Services For Your Project of Automatic Poultry Equipment for Farming Chicken :

1. Poultry Equipment: produce and supply first-class Quality poultry equipment with Good Price;

2. Poultry Farm: select location, design and construction preparation guidance;

3. Layout Drawing: make layout drawing of our equipment to guide you build house and install equipment;

4. Equipment Installation: if you need, we send our engineer to your farm for guide of equipment installation;

5. Training: we can train your workers to operate our equipments and raise poultry;

6. After-sales service: free consultancy and prompt reply to questions from clients.
CE Approved Automatic Poultry Equipment for Farming Chicken

Poultry Machine - Chicken Farm - Fully Automatic Modern Design


Automatic pan feeding system:


(1). Function:

The system can convey feed from vice hopper(feeding line hopper) into each feed pan automatically. We usually install 

one sensor inside one feed pan which is near to the motor end. When sensor doesn't touch feed, driving motor will start 

working and convey feed, when sensor touchs feed, driving motor will stop working.




V-shape bin(with hopper) 

Bin volume:70-90kg,

Material:hot-dip galvanized sheet      Material thickness:1mm

Driving motor                                


Taiwan brand  Power:0.75Kw/1.1Kw/1.5Kw, 

Voltage:380V/220V/others Three-phase/Single-phase,

Frequency: 50Hz, AC current

Pan feeding lines              

Feed pipe:

Diameter of feed pipe: Φ45mm

Material: hot-dip galvanized sheet pipe with >275g/m2 zinc coating amount

Helical spring auger: imported from South Africa, feeding ability: 450Kg/h

Feed pan:

14 grilles, pan bottom diameter-330mm, material-pure engineering plastic

a. Different gears of feed amount, meeting eating demands of different period


b. Accurate and quick to adjust feed flow, the principle is to catch two ears 

in the inner and pull them out adjust up and down.

c. The pan bottom can be disassembled on the ground, which can be used for

 day-old chicks.

d. V-shape plate design can reduce feed storage on bottom, so birds can

always eat fresh feed, which also prevents birds staying on the plate for 

a long time.

e. The edge of pan plate tilt towards the center, which avoids waste of feed, 

the smooth edge prevents birds craws hurting and make sure safe and 

comfort feeding.

Feeding line specification: 4 feed pans/3 meter, 3 feed pans/3 meter


Imported from Germany time delay range: 0-2hours

Lifting&suspension system 

It's very convenient to adjust feeding line height by winch.

Automatic Chicken Feeding Broiler Flooring Ground Feeding Poultry Farm Equipment

Packaging & Shipping

Standard export package of poultry equipment for export is in container. Shipment in 15 days after the order confirmation.
1. silo: disassembled, spare parts in carton box, galvanized sheet in bunch and in bulk;
2. feeder: pan feeder in carton box, feed pipe in bunch in bulk; hopper in bulk;
3. water: pipe fitted with nipples in plastic bag, cups and spare parts in carton box; support pipe: in bunch in bulk;
4. fans: disassembled way or assembled way;
5. air inlet: carton box;
6. cooling pad: assembled with aluminium frame, or disassembled;
7. heater: in carton box
8. fogging system: spraying engine in carton box, spare parts in  carton box
9. enviroment control: In carton box; 





1. Q: I need a complete set poultry equipment, and also need a best price, what should I do?


A: pls let us know:

(1). Chicken House Size (length x width x height).

(2). If for Broiler Chicken, Quantity and Final Weight to Sell in Market.

(3). If for Breeder or Layer, Rearing Density or Target Breeder/Layer Quantity(Quantity of Female and Male).

(4). Maximum and Minimum Temperature of Farm Location.

(5). House Type: close type of two side bricks building wall with 36" fans and air inlets, or open type of using curtain in two sides. 


2. Q: what's the material of feeding pan and feeding pipe?


    A: the material of feeding pan is 100% PP.

         the material of feeding pipe is galvanized pipe.


3. Q:  how long is the life of your products?

   A: more than 15 Years.


4. Q: Do you have any certificate?

   A: ISO9001: 2008/CE/PC Certification By SGS/Soncap/SASO.


5. Q: Sample available?

    A: yes. but the client pay for the freight fee.