Automatic Control Corn/Maize Starch Plant Machine

SUNSSE High Efficiency Corn Starch Machine

Starch Application Diagram
Automatic Control Corn/Maize Starch Plant Machine

General Process Description

(1) Purifying: Before going to storage bin, pre-purifying is done to eliminate big and small foreign substance,
      which will be sent to germ cake collection section. The rotary screen placed beside the storage bin, has
      de-stoning and de-dusting functions. Purified corn is then sent to steeping section.

(2) Steeping: Counter current steeping principle is adopted to make corn become soft in steeping tank. Acid
    is heated and remains about 50°C when circulating in all tanks. Dipped corn is pumped to crashing stage.

(3) Sulfurous acid making: Sulfur is burned in furnace, getting SO2 gas, goes to absorbtion tower with china
    rings. Water is sprayed down, mixed with rising SO2 gas to get sulfurous acid.

(4) Crash and germ separation: Steeped corn is sent to 1st germ mill from wet corn storage bin. Crashed corn
     is pumped into 1st germ cyclone and screen to separate, and then goes to 2nd mill for further crush. Germ
     goes to 2nd germ cyclone, and then the light will be back to previous tank.

(5) Finely  milling and fiber wash, dewater, drying:  In pin mill, the degermed corn is multi--strongly crashed to
     remove fiber off. Fiber is sent to multi-stage washing screen for recovering the balance starch. Cleaned fiber
     goes to squeezer for dewatering then goes into bundle dryer for drying to mix with corn slurry for making
     animal feed product.

(6) Protein separation and starch washing: Starch milk goes to primary separator for gluten separation. Cleaned
     starch goes to 12 stages hydro cyclones for final washing to remove the tiny foreign items.

(7) Starch dewater and drying: Fine starch milk is dewatered by peeler centrifuge, the starch is sent to air flow
      dryer for making dry starch product in which moisture should be less than 14%. The finishing product is
      wrapped up through the packer and shipped out.

(8) Germ washing, dewater, drying, extraction oil and oil refinery: Germs from cyclone go to gravity arc screen for
      washing, then to squeezer for dewatering. Washed germs are sent to bundle dryer. Dried germ is fried and
      extracted then oil is filtered. Coarse oil is gotten at the end.

(9) Gluten concentration, dewater, drying: Gluten is concentrated by air floating vessels then goes to vacuum filter
     for further dewatering. Dewatered gluten goes to bundle dryer for making gluten meal product.

(10) Processing water recovery and steeping liquid evaporation: Corn steeping liquid is sent to evaporatorfor
       concentration then goes to fiber bundle dryer mixed with fibre to get animal feed. Process water from
       concentrator, dewater machine which contains SO2 and some insoluble material, can be used again
       to the whole system such as steeping and washing. 

Key Equipment

Automatic Control Corn/Maize Starch Plant Machine
Degerming Mill is mainly used to grind corn after steeping and working together with germ cyclone to separate corn germ from germ milk. In order to increase recovery rate of corn germ, two-stage crumbling process is recommenced. 


SUNSSE Centrifugal Separator is used in starch processing for starch milk pre-concentration, starch milk washing and concentration and, protein dewatering and concentration.

1. Unique hanging-type driving mechanism eliminating axle load on the shaft and bearings and thus effectively increasing working life.
3. Large-size nozzles complete with cam-lock device minimizing blockage possibilities and enabling long-time continuous separation.
4. High precision dynamic balancing process adopted in rotor fabrication process ensuring smooth rotation and running.
5. Temperature sensors on each bearing providing real-time monitoring of the bearing condition.
6. Vibration sensor on the main shaft assembly providing real-time monitoring of operational parameters.

Automatic Control Corn/Maize Starch Plant Machine


Automatic Control Corn/Maize Starch Plant Machine
SUNSSE Dwatering Screw Presses is suitable for the dewatering of fibers in corn starch production, and also for the dewatering of similar coarse fiber materials in other industries.
1. This machine can be produced continuously with high dewatering efficiency.
2. Simple structure, easy to use and repair.
3. The whole machine has compact structure, small floor space and convenient     transportation.
4. The starch-containing residue can be recycled, which can not only reduce the cost and improve the economic efficiency, but also improve the production operation environment.

The tube bundle dryer is mainly used to dry corn germ, gluten, and fiber.1. Low heat consumption.
2. Large capacity and high moisture evaporation capabilities making it suitable to process high moisture content materials.
3. High adaptability (capable of adjusting drying time based on material properties and processed material moisture requirement).
4. High degree of automation making it suitable for both continuous processing and batch operation as may be required by special applications.
5. Effectively insulated chamber in which drying takes place in negative pressure condition-resulting in the clean work area and minimized noise.
6. Compact design with minimum auxiliary equipment and reduced consumable parts, easy installation and low maintenance cost.
Automatic Control Corn/Maize Starch Plant Machine


Automatic Control Corn/Maize Starch Plant Machine
SUNSSE rotary drum vacuum filters have a filtration area of up to 200 m2 and the drum speed can be adjusted to the thickness of the filter sludge. The drum speed is mostly from 0.1 to 10 minutes per revolution. The absolute pressure of the operating vacuum is (0.25 to 0.8) x 10 Pa. The temperature of the filtered suspension should be lower than the vaporization temperature of the filtrate under the operating vacuum. This filter has a large capacity, is easy to operate, and the filter residue can be washed.


The starch  washing system is mainly used to extract refined starch and remove soluble and insoluble proteins and micro fibers contained in the starch milk.
State-of-the-Art mechanical design

1. No internal leakage: optimal sealing
2. Pumps: single mechanical seal with internal flush
3. High wear resistant cyclonettes
4. Compact Design: serial and stacked
5. Easy operation, service & maintenance
6. Full capacity flexibility
7. Excellent performance
8. High outlet concentration (> 22Be)
9. Excellent starch yield
10. Low energy consumption
11. Minimum down time
12. Cleaning-In-Place (CIP)
13. Full stainless steel
14. Sustainability and long lifetime

Automatic Control Corn/Maize Starch Plant Machine

Automatic Control Corn/Maize Starch Plant Machine
Automatic Control Corn/Maize Starch Plant Machine
Automatic Control Corn/Maize Starch Plant Machine


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