Automatic LDPE Eyedrop Plastic Bottle Injection Blow Molding Machine



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ZC-30F machine adopts Electron-hydraulic hybrid servo system which can save 40% power than usual. It adopts three-cylinder to lock mould with replenishing valve, which allows higher production capacity and shorten the operation cycle. single horizontal beam and double vertical pole which allows bigger rotation space . bigger rotation space means we can make longer bottles, and it's easy to install and disassemble mold

Automatic LDPE Eyedrop Plastic Bottle Injection Blow Molding Machine1.Capable of manufacturing bottles whose bottle neck, bottle mouth and screw thread are of high precision to meet customers ' strict sealing requirements. This machine is widely applied in food, pharmacy, medical and cosmetics and other fields.

2.The quantity of bottles you want to produce can be pre-install in the computer, once the set number are finished, the production will be automatically stopped and the counting alarm will be raised.

3. Adopt horizontal single-screw for high pressure injection ,three-station one-step fast molding device with muti-cavities continuous production which greatly improves production efficiency.

4. Adopt three cylinder t liquid-filling clamping mould device to meet the tightness requirement of "low-speed high-pressure clamping mould and high-speed low-pressure opening mould"

5. Ejection and counting of products are fully automatic to meet sanitary requirements in special fields like food &drinks and pharmacy.

6. Products manufactured by this machine has smooth parting lines on both bodies and bottoms. It can do perfect surface finishing.

7. This machine can ensure maximum uniformity of bottle weight, thickness and volume.

8. Mechanical settings of this machine, such as hydraulic setting, pneumatic settings, electric setting are all adjustable to meet different technological requirements.

9. Configurations of products such as weight, thickness, size can be pre-install in the computer, so there will be no waste material which can save raw material to the maximum extent.

10. Our machine can mould most of the thermoplastics such as PP, PS, HDPE,LDPE, EVA
11. This machine can be operated manually, semi-automatically and fully automatically.

Product Parameters

Automatic LDPE Eyedrop Plastic Bottle Injection Blow Molding Machine

mould details

Automatic LDPE Eyedrop Plastic Bottle Injection Blow Molding Machine



Automatic LDPE Eyedrop Plastic Bottle Injection Blow Molding Machine


Packaging & Shipping

Automatic LDPE Eyedrop Plastic Bottle Injection Blow Molding Machine


After Sales Service

1.Sample service:

a.We can send you the video of the running machine

b.You are welcome to visit our factory and see the machine running in person.

c.Usually we will send you the bottle sample within 30 days after getting the confirmed drawing and advance payment.

2. We can design the machines for customers according to your requirements( material, power, filling type, bottle type) and at the same time our engineers will give you professional suggestions because as you know we have been in this field for many years.

3. Installation service

Engineers will go to your factory to install the machine ,they will bring you the operating manual and train your employees until they can operate the machine on their own.

4. After-sale service

a.We will deliver the machine and provide the bill of landing on time to make sure you can get the machine ASAP

b.We provide one-year warranty of the machine and life-long technical support.

c.We often ask for feedback and offer help to our customers whose machine have been used for some time in their factory.

d.Well trained &experienced engineers&technicians are to answer all you inquires.

e.Your business relationships with us will be confidential to any third party.



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