Automatic Milk Powder Mixing & Packing Production Line

Application of the automatic filling machine:
The machine is designed according to the latest national standard GMP of our company a new canning filling machine, with the latest technology, more reasonable design, simpler, more rugged. Automatically filling, suitable for packaging of granular or powder material, such as milk powder, protein powder, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, grape sugar, Rice noodles and etc.The control part of the machine is imported and PLC control.
with unique design, a high degree of automation, easy operation, reliable, high filling precision, beautiful appearance and so on.
Filling with special screw quantitative filling, computer real-time tracking, filling speed, high precision.
1,  touch screen & PLC control system.
2,  it could work with automatically bottle feeding system.
3, the whole machine structure, reasonable layout, replacement packaging varieties, clean and convenient.
4, imported servo motor, high speed, large torque, which greatly improves the accuracy of packaging.
5, the use of the principle of weighing filling, packaging weight online display, alarm for nonstandard dosing.

  1. high filling standard.

Technical parameters:

Weighing range200-5000g
Filling accuracy ≤ ±0.2% 
Packing speed0-20 / min
Power supply380/220V 50--60 HZ
Machine power2KW
Container volumecylindrical container 50--180mm high 50--350mm(could be customized)
Machine dimension2500 x 1250 x 2300mm
Container volume50L

 This filling system could worked with tumbling mixer or V type mixer for dry materials forming an automatic working line. 

Automatic Milk Powder Mixing & Packing Production Line

Welcome to check with us for details with your specific requirement. 

This working line is good for the mixing-filling-sealing capping-labeling and etc for milk powder, protein powder and similar materials.