Bakery Equipment 64L Spiral Dough Mixer for Processing of Bread, Cake, Pizza etc

2-Speed Double Motion Spiral Dough Mixer for processing of bread, noodle, cake, pizza, bun, dumpling etc, applicable for home, restaurant, cafe, bakery, food factory... 
Model: HS60
Bowl Capacity: 64L
Flour Capacity: 25kgs
Voltage: 110/220/380V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: 3000W
Mixing Speed: 150/200RPM
Bowl Speed: 15/20RPM
Net Weight: 120kgs
Gross Weight: 140kgs
Dimension: 84*48*100mm
Packing Size: 95*55*105mm

* Chinese patented products approved by State Intellectual Property Office of China. 
* Stable running and low noise due to innovative design of gearless transmission structure. 
* Touch control by microcomputer.
* Automatic speed adjustment and fitted with built-in timer.
* Both manual and automatic control.
* Exclusive technology with durable stretch forming hardtop. 
Bakery Equipment 64L Spiral Dough Mixer for Processing of Bread, Cake, Pizza etc
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2-Speed Double Motion Spiral Dough Mixer
ModelBowl CapacityFlour CapacityVoltageFrequencyPowerMixing SpeedBowl SpeedN.W.G.W.DimensionPacking Size
HS10104220 1Ph50/6075080-2008-20556555*34*5360*40*63
HS20218220 1Ph50/601500150/20015/208510068*39*9073*43*98
HS303512.5220 1Ph50/601500150/20015/209510872*43*9077*48*98
HS404016220 1Ph50/603000150/20015/2011513584*48*10095*55*105
HS505420220 1Ph50/603000150/20015/2011813884*48*10095*55*105
HS606425220 1Ph50/603000150/20015/2012014084*48*10095*55*105
HS808032380 3Ph50/602400150/2001225027084*56*11595*63*120
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HS13013050380 3Ph50/605500150/20012413465116*73*138125*90*160
HS20020075380 3Ph50/607500150/20012520580130*84*156140*95*165
HS260260100380 3Ph50/607500150/20012580650130*84*156140*95*165


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