Bed Cooling System Steel Rolling Conveyor Table

Product Description

Bed Cooling System Steel Rolling Conveyor Table
Cooling bed is an important equipment in the field of steel rolling. It used to receiving, transmissing and cooling the rolled piece. After sizing or reducing , the temperature of pipe is generally above 700 °C. It must be cooled to below 150 °C for subsequent finishing process. The pipe cooling is usually carried out on cooling bed.

Main parts
Cooling bed include mechanical drive system, water cooling system, work surface and fixed support and so on.

(1) simple structure;
(2) low investment;
(3) easy operation.

Composition:Cooling bed consist of mechanical transmission system, water cooling system, cooling bed working table and fixed support.

Working principle: The finished products are delivered to cooling bed via conveying roller table, and then extracted by the rack step by step, being pushed to the top of cooling bed, to achieve the effect of cooling rolled piece.

Main application: The cooling bed equipment is mainly used for naturally slow on-line cooling of rolled steel plate. In the profile production line, cooling bed also has the function of preventing bending, to prevent irregular curve of profiles through the process of natural cooling due to various quality problems. Areas of application: mainly used in steel industry, metallurgical industry, rebar production line, round production line, pipe production line, etc.

Bed Cooling System Steel Rolling Conveyor Table

Company Information

Bed Cooling System Steel Rolling Conveyor Table

was founded in 1995,formerly known as Xianyou Rolling Mill Manufacturer.In 2001,merged with Xianyou Bangtou Mill Roll Manufacturer. In 2008,we focused on continuous casting and rolling production line equipment. In 2011,the company reorganized and established FUJIAN PUTIAN GEILI MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD ,which engaged in metallurgical equipment,mainly in steel-making,continuous casting and complete rolling production line research and development,design,manufacturing, installation and general contracting services.

Main products: all kinds of specifications continuous casting machines, rolling production line equipment and various auxiliary equipment, also the spare parts. Besides, we provide technical consultant, turnkey solution and one-stop service for steel plant of deformed rebar , wire rod , angle bar, channel beam, strip and other steel related production line. The Solution was based on the customer request, such as annual capacity from 30,000 tons to over 800,000 tons, rolling speed from 3 m/s to 90 m/s.
Bed Cooling System Steel Rolling Conveyor Table
Bed Cooling System Steel Rolling Conveyor Table

Packing & Shipping

As a professional and experience manufacturer in China, we can supply designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the equipment with "turn-key" service.
Please send us more information about your project, we would like to give you our proposal immediately after getting your details. Sincerely welcome you to come and visit our plant.
Bed Cooling System Steel Rolling Conveyor Table

Our Service

1)Offering proposal with best solution and reasonable price for production line as per customers' invest and capacity requirement
2)Providing turn-key service of site planning, machinery designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning for the full
production lines to meet customers requirement.
3)Technical support. We will arrange engineers on site to install and debug the production lines until the final products are meet to customers' require
4)Perfect after-sales with long-term technical support, such as after-sales adjust the production line, develop new products or improve the equipment  

Quality Control
Quality control (QC) is a procedure or set of procedures intended to ensure that a manufactured product or performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirements of the client or customer. 
Finish Product QC
Ensure all the dimension and technical process are correct
Drawing QC
Ensure all the drawing are inspected by Profesional Enginners

Bed Cooling System Steel Rolling Conveyor Table