Bgb-40 High Efficiency Coater for Tablet

Bgb-40 High Efficiency Coater for Tablet

BGB High-effect coating Machine

Main Technical Parameter:
Production Capacity:40kg/time
Diameter of coating drum:760mm
Diameter of feeding moth:340mm
Rotating speed of coating drum:2~20r/min
Electrical motor power of main body:1.1kw
Electric motor power of air heater:0.75kw
Electrical motor power of exhauster:2.2kw
Air heater flow:1283m3/h
Exhauster flow:3517m3/h
Main body noise:75db(A)
Air heater noise:75db(A)
Exhauster noise:75db(A)
Appearance size of  main body:1100X850X1470
Main body weight:500kg
Appearance size of exhauster:820×720×1750
Exhauster weight:450kg
Power supply Three- phase four- wire:6kw
Purify air
Air consumption:0.5m3/min
External Heating Vapor Air consumption:60kg/h
Condition type with Water head Pressure:≥0.15Mpa
Vapor Cabliber:1"
Power supply Three- phase four- wire:16kw
Purify air Air consumption:0.2m3/min
Water head Pressure:≥0.15Mpa
Series of BGB High-effect coating Machine is special equipment on coating for Chinese and Western tablet, pill etc, coating for thin film of aqueous phase and organic matter, and adopted the materials of high-quality & stainless steel to make. In the processing of operation can be controlled by computer programmable system and manual operation, touch screen display the picture. It is sound in beautiful appearance, advance & all round functions, high-efficiency saving for energy, simply operation, convenient clearing etc. and is the ideal coating equipments.

Production capacity10kg/time40kg/time80kg/time100kg /time150kg /time
Diameter of coating drum500mm760mm940mm1050mm1200mm
Diameter of feeding moth300mm340mm380mm420mm480mm
Rotating speed of coating drum2~20r/min
Electrical motor power of main body0.55kw1.1kw1.5kw2.2kw2.2kw
Electric motor power of air heater0.37kw0.75kw1.1kw1.5kw1.5kw
Electrical motor power of exhauster0.75kw2.2kw3kw5.5kw5.5kw
Air heater flow816m3/h1283m3/h1685m3/h2356m3/h2356m3/h
Exhauster flow1285m3/h3517m3/h5268m3/h7419m3/h7419m3/h
Main body noise75db(A)
Air heater noise75db(A)
Exhauster noise75db(A)
Appearance size of  main body900X700X14001100X850X14701370X1050X17001450X1150X19001570X1260X2030
Main body weight200kg500kg600kg850kg850kg
Appearance size of exhauster750X600X1130820×720×1750900X820X16501000X900X16501000X900X1650
Exhauster weight300kg450kg500kg550kg550kg
type with
Power supplyThree- phase four- wire 3kwThree- phase four- wire 6kwThree- phase four- wire 9.5kwThree- phase four- wire 12kwThree- phase four- wire 13kw
Purify air
Air consumption0.2m3/min0.5m3/min0.35m3/min0.45m3/min0.5m3/min
Air consumption30kg/h60kg/h80kg/h100kg/h100kg/h
Water headPressure≥0.15Mpa
Power supplyThree- phase four- wire 10kwThree- phase four- wire 16kwThree- phase four- wire 20kwThree- phase four- wire 25kwThree- phase four- wire 25kw
Purify air
Air consumption0.2m3/min0.2m3/min0.35m3/min0.5m3/min0.5m3/min
Water headPressure≥0.15Mpa

Features & Functions:
a)The process of equipments coating should full enclose and finish-out with the state of negative pressure & drying in the main body cylinder, it is sound in high-efficiency, saving for energy, un-flying for dust, low pollution for interactive tablet, simple for coating workmanship, short for time, high for benefits, convenient for clearing, and lower noise, and in line with International "GMP" Standard.
b)It is quick & accurate to operate by adopting the importing computer programmable control, functions by displaying for touch screen, frequency conversion.
c)The machine can be set the drug temperature in cylinder randomly, its temperature error is ±2ºC.
d)Purifying for hot air is 100,000 grade, and its working procedure is exhausted, dust collecting & filtering, spare the anti-shock & anti-noise devices.
e)Preferred importing spray gun from Japan can adjust freely to air flow capacity, which is featured by no-leaking & blockage, even atomization, multivariable for spray efficiency and long life for use, and meet the varied drug coating of thin film.

Bgb-40 High Efficiency Coater for Tablet
Bgb-40 High Efficiency Coater for Tablet
Bgb-40 High Efficiency Coater for Tablet
Bgb-40 High Efficiency Coater for Tablet
Bgb-40 High Efficiency Coater for Tablet
Bgb-40 High Efficiency Coater for Tablet
Bgb-40 High Efficiency Coater for Tablet
Bgb-40 High Efficiency Coater for Tablet