Big Size Aquatic Weed Harvester / River Cleaning Ship

DRAGON aquatic weed harvester is widely used for aquatic weeds and floating algae collection, salvage and transportation in ponds, lakes, reservoirs and rivers. The boat can not only clean most kinds of the floating aquatic plants and algae, but also can clear up the weeds with root from the lake/river bottoms. All the collection, salvage,transportation and discharge can be completed automatically by one operator, which greatly enhances the working efficiency and save a lot of the labour force.
Big Size Aquatic Weed Harvester / River Cleaning Ship
Big Size Aquatic Weed Harvester / River Cleaning Ship
Big Size Aquatic Weed Harvester / River Cleaning Ship

Working Scope
The boat can cut and collect most of the floating aquatic plants and trash.
Big Size Aquatic Weed Harvester / River Cleaning Ship


Dimension10.3 x 3.4 x 3.0m11.5 x 3.8 x 3.0m13.0 x 3.8 x 2.7m13.8 x 4.0 x 3.7m17.5 x 5.4 x 4.1m
Weight5.9 t7.8 t11.8 t14 t17 t
Installed Power37 kw55 kw75 kw90 kw110 kw
Cutting Width1.8 m2.0 m3.0 m3.5 m4.8 m
Cutting Depth1.0 m1.01.2 m1.2 m1.5 m
Load Capacity1.5 t2.0 t2.5 t3.5 t5 t
Discharge Height2.0 m2.5 m2.8 m2.8 m3.0 m
Voltage24 v24 v24 v24 v24 v
Max. Fuel Consumption5-7 l/hr8-10 l/hr10-13 l/hr13-15 l/hr18-20 l/hr
Propulsion MethodPaddle Wheel / PropellerPaddle Wheel / PropellerPaddle Wheel / PropellerPaddle Wheel / PropellerPaddle Wheel / Propeller
Max. Sailing Speed5 km/hr5 km/hr7 km/hr8 km/hr8 km/hr

Our Designing Ability
DRAGON team has excellent mechanical design and industry optimization ability to fulfill different customized requests. The technical team is formed by doctors, researcher and engineers, equipped with designing system of CAD, Solidworks, UGNX, simulation software of Ansys, Matlab and programming software of VCC and Easybuoder800, which ensures the precision and reliability of each project from designing to manufacturing. We always prefer the objective of self-innovation and invest more than 8% of the total turnover to R&D.
Big Size Aquatic Weed Harvester / River Cleaning Ship

Our Manufacturing Ability
Our factory is equipped with all kinds necessary manufacturing facility, including CNC cutting machine, welding robot, digital controlled lathes, machining center, milling machine, grinding machine, punching machine, and surface handling line. With all these facility, we can complete all the kinds of machining work, plate welding, finishing and painting.
Big Size Aquatic Weed Harvester / River Cleaning Ship

After-sale Service
DRAGON customers rely on the unrivalled level of commitment that is offered to them through dedicated and comprehensive life-cycle support services. These help to maximise the equipment's availability and the return on investment, and therefore reduces the total cost of ownership. The cycle can be entered at any of its integrated stages.

DRAGON supplies high-quality and up-to-date training services for the site operation people to ensure that crews operate the dredger in a highly skilled and efficient manner to achieve optimum levels of productivity. DRAGON life-cycle support also allows operators to maintain the durability and reliability of their systems through a range of specialist services.

DRAGON team wants to be prepared for every eventuality and provide limitless logistical support to its customers.This includes attention to system availability with the immediate supply of spare parts and repair of components.With this approach, the complete DRAGON global network of qualified service technicians,sourcing officers and local service offices is available to all customers.
Big Size Aquatic Weed Harvester / River Cleaning Ship

Other Products
Dragon products scope covers all kinds of dredger, aquqtic weed harvester, amphibious excavator, workboat, backhoe barge, jack-up platform.Big Size Aquatic Weed Harvester / River Cleaning Ship

Q1: Do you have your own factory?
A1: Yes, our parent company is Weifang Dragon Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd., it is specialized in manufacturing dredgers and amphibious excavators and other machineries.
Q2: Can we visit your factory?
A2: Sure, we sincerely welcome you to visit and check our factory, we would show you around of our workshop.
Q3: Do you also supply the accessories of dredgers?
A3: Yes, we have cooperated companies to supply you the accessoriess and other spare parts.
Q4: Do you have aftersale service center overseas?
A4: Yes, we have aftersale service center in Nigeria which will cover Africa area and in Bangladesh which will cover Southasia and mideast area.
Q5: Can you costomize the equipment according to client's inquiry?
A5: Yes, we have the design team which can make customized design for clients.
Q6: Will you send engineers to install and debug the machines in client's site?
A6: Yes, we will send 3-4 engineers to client's site for installation and commissioning of the machine.

ISO 9001 Certificate
Big Size Aquatic Weed Harvester / River Cleaning Ship

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