Book Cover Sealing Machine

book cover sealing machine Product Description
Book Cover Sealing Machine
book cover sealing machine Adopts automatic paper feeding system and automatic cardboard positioning device;There are features of accurate and quick positioning, and beautiful finished products etc.It is used to make hardcovers, notebook covers, calendars, hanging calendars, files, Irregular covers etc.


1.The feeder in this machine adopts back-push feeding system, which is controlled pneumatically, and its structure is simple and reasonable.

2.The width between stacker and feeding table is adjusted concentrically in the centre.The operation is very easy without error.

3.New designed copper scraper cooperates with the glue roller more compactly, effectively avoiding paper winding.And it is much more durable.

4.Adopt imported ultrasonic paper tester device, simple operation which can keep two pieces of layered paper from entering into the machine at the same time.

5.The cardboard feeding table is controlled by linear guide line and servo motor, its location is correct and quick.

6.In the cardboard feeding table, the machine can automatically stop when lack of paper to reduce rejection rate.

7.Conveyor belt is equipped with a powerful vacuum fan to keep the paper without any movement.

8.Paper feeding and positioning system adopts imported high-precise photoelectric control device to make the paper and cardboard location more accurate.

9.The folding unit adopts servo motor, no displacement and no scratches.

10.Pneumatic pressure control for folding, concentric shaft adjustment for trimming, easy to operate;It also adopts a new technology on the folding way which solves the problem of irregular covers.

11.The whole machine adopts PLC control, featuring in simple operation.The troubles are displayed directly on the screen, which helps the operator easily remove them.

12.Low electricity consumption, low noisy and easy adjustment.

book cover sealing machine Production Flow:

Book Cover Sealing Machine

Technical Parameter:

Length  of  paper230- 830MM230- 1030MM
Width  of  paper130 -480 MM160-600MM
Thickness  of  paper800-200g80-200g
Thickness  of  cardboard1-3mm1-3mm
Working  Speed0 - 25 sheets/min.0-25 sheets/min.
DimensionL7500 *W2000*H1500mmL9400*W260 0*H1500mm
Power  supply11.5 kw12.5 kw


Book Cover Sealing Machine


1.Has several senior engineers service in many countries, all the year round with our after-sales office in multiple countries.
2.Machines with good quality in one year, life-long maintenance.
3.Have many machines can be monitored via the Internet, solve customer requirements in a timely manner.
4.Has several senior, continuous innovation and reform, in order to ensure the quality of mechanical stability.
5.Undertake various non-standard machinery, solve the customers' requirements.

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Book Cover Sealing Machine

Book Cover Sealing Machine

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