Butt Fusion Welding Machine (SHD1200)

Butt Fusion Welding Machine (SHD800)

Butt Fusion Welding Machine (SHD1200)

Application and Features

Suitable for butt welding of plastic pipes and / or fittings made of PE, PP, and PVDF in a ditch in worksite or workshop

Consists of basic frame, hydraulic unit, planing tool, separate heating plate, support for planing tool & heating plate, and optional parts

Removable PTFE coated heating plate with high accurate temperature control system

Electric planning tool with safety limit switch enables to start it only when it is locked in operation position.

Made of lightweight and high strength material. Specially designed with a clamp opening angle of 45°

Low starting pressure and high reliable seal structure

Changeable welding position brings more convenience while welding various fittings

Separate two-channel timer records times in soaking and cooling phases.

High-accurate and shockproof pressure meter indicates clearer readings.

Labor saving and high efficient crane is available to lift planing tool and heating plate

Optional parts

1 Stub end device for short flange stub
2 Data logger.
3 Trolley

technical parameters

Pipe Sizes
630, 710, 800, 900, 1000, 1200   
Heating Plate Max. Temp.
Temp. deviation in surface (170~250 degree)
± 7
Pressure adjustable ranges
Working voltage
380V, 50Hz
Heating plate power
Planing tool power
Hydraulic unit power
Crane power
1 KW
Total power
Packing dimension (mm)
Basic Frame
3020× 2220× 2350
1920× 1420× 2550
Hydraulic Unit
860× 510× 660
Electric Crane
900× 510× 520
Crane Pillar
3120× 770× 850

Butt Fusion Welding Machine (SHD1200)

Butt Fusion Welding Machine (SHD1200)

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Butt Fusion Welding Machine (SHD1200)

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