Carbon Steel 4-Hi, 6-Hi Cold Rolling Machine

carbon steel 4-hi, 6-hi cold rolling machine  

Carbon Steel 4-Hi, 6-Hi Cold Rolling Machine
Specification of  four-roll, six-roll cold rolling Production Line 

1Width range(mm)350-1450
2Highest speed(m/min)1500
3Max rolling force(T)2000
4Max coiling tension(T)24
5Finished Product Thickness(mm) 0.08+
5Application in Alloy steel 65Mn and 30 CrMn
6Various profile adjustment Positive /negative bending of working roll, bending and twitching of intermediate roll, depressing for deviation adjustment and subsection cooling function; double-station roll changing carriage, oil gas lubrication system for roll bearing and automatic rolling line adjustment device.
7Electric drive systemSiemens S7-400PLC as main controller; AGC system is cotrolled by SIEMENS s7-416+FM458.
8Key elementsEMG automatic centering system; ,MOOG servo valve, Sony magnetic scale, Polytec laser velocimeter, Dr-Brandt tensiometer.

Carbon Steel 4-Hi, 6-Hi Cold Rolling Machine
Carbon Steel 4-Hi, 6-Hi Cold Rolling Machine


The Range of Our Main Cold Rolling Mills , we mainly do high-end customized production.

Specification of Cold Rolling Mill 
roller Type4-roller , 6-roller, 8-roller, 12-roller, 20-roller cold rolling mill.
Stand Type single-stand  reversible cold rolling mill; tandem cold rolling mill( from 3 stands to 6 stands)
Size of finished productsWidth: from 350-1450mm; Thickness: from 0.1mm to 3.0mm
Application our range of products covers all areas of the cold rolling industry, suitable for the production and upstream & downstream sectors of cold-rolled products such as plain carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel coil and plate.

Hebei Moran provides the customers with all-around, high value-added pre- sales & after-sales services. Factory design, selection of utility & auxiliary facilities, unit process layout, civil foundation design reference, as well as the well-rounded training combined with theory and hands-on exercises for line operators and maintainers, all are freely available.

Our advantage:

1) Customized Production 
2) High cost-effective product
3). All-around pre-sales & after-sales services
4) Independent intellectual property rights
Carbon Steel 4-Hi, 6-Hi Cold Rolling Machine
Carbon Steel 4-Hi, 6-Hi Cold Rolling Machine
Carbon Steel 4-Hi, 6-Hi Cold Rolling Machine

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