Carbon Steel Reversing and Non-Reversing Cold Rolling Mill

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Carbon Steel Reversing and Non-Reversing Cold Rolling Mill
Carbon Steel Reversing and Non-Reversing Cold Rolling Mill

Carbon Steel Reversing Cold Rolling Mill General Introduction
The production of this unit is to roll hot rolled coils with the thickness of 2.0~4.5mm into high precision cold rolled coils with the thickness of 0.18~1.5mm through several time of rolling. The scale of the cold rolling production line is a production of 225 thousand tons of cold rolled steel coils per year. It adopts the UCM-type single-stand 6-roll reversible cold rolling mill. The work roll of the rolling mill is equipped with positive and negative bending. The intermediate roll is equipped with positive bending and twitch. The uncoiler is equipped. Both front and rear frames are equipped with coiler, thickness gauge, laser velocimeter etc., which can realize large tension rolling and guarantee high-speed and stable production with specified thinness.

Note: We can customize the machine according to your requirements!

Carbon Steel Reversing and Non-Reversing Cold Rolling Mill

Main Features:
Drive system of main rolling mill, uncoiler and coiler adopts Simens 6RA80 all-digit DC speed regulation, thyristor power supply and unit PLC control. 
The basic automation system of the unit is composed of Simens S7-400 PLC as the master controller and the corresponding remote I/O(ET-200M), which controls the rolling line and the operation of auxiliary equipment.
AGC is a FM458+1.5 level automatic thickness control system with full hydaulic screw-up. It is equipped with control functions of total travel mass flow control, constant roll gap control, constant roll force control, adjustment control, automatic prepressing control, thickness precontrol AGC, thickness monitor AGC, tension/speed AGC, acceleration and deceleration AGC compensation control, roller eccentricity compensation, etc., and it is also equipped with process management functions of rolling process database, data presentation and operating control, product quality tracing, automatic recording of high-speed rolling data, automatic report generation, failure warning, and recording etc.

Main Technical Parameters:

Material grade:Q195,08Al,Q235,SPHC,SPHD,SPHE
Mechanical Property: σs≤380  N/mm²
Strip camber: ≤5mm/2m; tower: ≤5mm
Strip passband tolerance: ≤±0.15mm; transverse difference: ≤0.20mm
 Uniform hardness, and no obvious defects like inclusions, sinkholes or raw edges.
Raw Material specification:
entry thickness: 1.2~4.5  mm
coil width: 1000~1500mm
entry Coil ID/OD: 610/2100  mm
Max. Coil Weight: 30  t
final thickness:0.20~2.0  mm
output coil ID/OD: 508/2100  mm

Finished product precision:
Longitudinal thickness tolerance(rolling at stable speed): <0.005mm(≤0.5mm)
<1.0%  (>0.5mm)
Longitudinal thickness tolerance(speeding up or slowing down): <0.01mm(≤0.5mm)
<2.0%  (>0.5mm)
Transverse thickness tolerance(rolling at stable speed): <1.5%
Shape tolerance: ≤40I
1.2.2 Main Technical Parameters of the Unit
Max rolling pressure: 18000 KN
Max rolling torque:115 KN.m
Max threading speed: 30m/min
Max uncoiling speed: 500m/min
Max rolling speed:1200m/min
Uncoiling tension: 78~8 KN
Coiling tension: 200~20 KN  (I gear V<760  m/min)
120~12  KN(II gear V≥760  m/min)
Max coiling speed: 1260m/min
Transverse force of the intermediate roll: 720/380  KN
Rolling line elevation: +1000  mm
Rolling line elevation adjustment distance: 200  mm
Accurate stopping: ≤150  mm
CPC centering control accuracy: 1  mm
Housing section: 70cm×60cm=4200cm2
Processing lubrication flow: 12000  L/min
DC:     Main motor:1500KW, 4 sets
Entry/exit coiling motor: 1250KW, 2 sets for each
Uncoiling motor: 650KW, 1 set
Installed capacity: 1500KWx4+1350KWx4+650KW=12050 KW
Max lifting part weight: ≈42  t(lower support roll)
Max mounting hardware weight:≈92  t(housing)
Outline dimension of the Unit (length x width x height): ≈25x31x11  m


3. Consumption of one ton steel for 1750 6 Hi CRM
Name                                               unit              consumption
Metal                                                ton                     1.08
industrial water (flush and wash)       m3                      0.09
steam                                                kg                       14
recycled water                                    m3                     0.18
desalted water                                   m3                     0.37
eletric power                                   kwh                       260
rolling oil                                           kg                        1.2
anti-rust oil, lubricating oil/grease       kg                        0.2

The Range of Our Main Cold Rolling Mill, Cold Rolling Production Line

Specification   of Cold Rolling Mill

roller   Type

4-roller   , 6-roller, 8-roller, 12-roller, 20-roller cold rolling mill.

Stand   Type

single-stand  reversible cold rolling mill; tandem cold   rolling mill( from 3 stands to 6 stands) 

Size   of finished products

Width:   from 350-1750mm; Thickness: from 0.1mm to 3.0mm


our   range of products covers all areas of the cold rolling industry, suitable for   the production and upstream & downstream sectors of cold-rolled products   such as plain carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel coil and plate. 

Some of our patens for your reference:

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Carbon Steel Reversing and Non-Reversing Cold Rolling Mill

Carbon Steel Reversing and Non-Reversing Cold Rolling Mill