Ce/ISO9001 Standard Citrus Sizing Machine

We have over 20 years history in making fruit/vegetable processing machine, including:

Washing machine

Waxing machine

Drying machine

Grading machine

Picking machine

Conveyor machine


Now we mainly introduce you our grading machine. It's widely used for grading apples, oranges, citrus,pears, persimmons, onions, lemons, mangos, pomelo, jujube, bell pepper, mango, tomato, potato and other round fruits .We make both weight grading machine and diameter grading machine. According to equip with PLC systom or not, there are electronic model and machanical model. According to output, there are 10000pcs/h, 20000pcs/h, 40000pcs/h and more.

We also make machines according to customer's request, like:

1. Washing tank add heating system.
2. Washing machine
3Washing drying machine
4.Washing grading machine
5.Washing drying grading machine
6.Washing waxing machine
7.Washing waxing grading machine.9. Picking and grading machine.
8.Grading machine
9.Washing picking drying grading machine
10.Picking and grading machine.

Product Description

This production line can washing waxing drying grading round fruits and vegetables, like mango, citrus, orange, apple, lemon, tomato, kiwi fruit, passion fruit, dragon fruit etc. The line can make the fruit appearance look bright, and improve the fruit price for sale. At the same time,after waxing, a layer of wax membrane will be coated on the fruit to keep the fruit away from bacteria and elongate the fruit storage time. And the sorting machine is efficient and precise. It's widely used for grading apples, pears, persimmons, onions, lemons, mangos, pomelo, jujube, and other round fruits. It is controlled by PLC,and is highly intelligent. Weighing, logic calculation, counting are integrated. Tetrafluoroethylene is covered onto the working surface to keep the machine running stably with low noise and increase the shelf life of the machine. The operation and maintenance of the machine is easy and laborsaving. And, the efficiency of it is about 1.5 times of that of the traditional machine


Hydraulic feeding fruit system

Dimensionmwill custom-made it according to customer's box size
Position---Can be water tank two sides or front

Washing waxing part

Rated PowerKW34

Sorting part

Capacitykg/h20000pcs/h or custom-made
Rated PowerKW2.2

Ce/ISO9001 Standard Citrus Sizing Machine
Ce/ISO9001 Standard Citrus Sizing Machine


Main Features

1) It's widely used for grading apples, pears, persimmons,onions,lemons,mangos,pomelo,jujube,and other round fruits.
2) It is controlled by PLC, and is highly intelligent. Weighing, logic calculation, counting are integrated.
3) Tetrafluoroethylene is covered onto the working surface to keep the machine running stably with low noise and increase the shelf life of the machine. The operation and maintenance of the machien is easy and laborsaving.
4) The whole line shape can be designed to "L" shape, "I" shape, "U" shape according to customer's factory layout.
5) The hot air drying wax part can be deisign to gas burning heating or electric heating. 


Ce/ISO9001 Standard Citrus Sizing Machine

Detailed Introduction

Machine Parts 1

Name: Hydraulic feeding system
Size: This part wil custom-made according to customers' box size.
NOTE: This part is not included in the machine price, if need this part, need to special custom-made.

Machine Parts 2

Name: Water tank and lifter
Structure: Installed with stainless steel water tank with filter for recycling water. High-pressure water pump is used to wash the fruits, like surf bath, to make sure the fruit is clean and orderly upgrade.

Machine Parts 3
Name: Brushing and air fans drying, waxing
Structure: brush roller, spray-head, timer, wax nozzle, wax tank, filter, air blower. The use of rotation brush rollers and secondary spray rinse the fruit surface,spray at the sixth brush roller to eliminate attachment. During the conveying process, the brushes will clean out the water on the fruit, and they are also used to brighten the fruit. Six cooling fans are installed in the middle of the brushes for drying the fruits. During the second half of conveyance, timer is used to control electromagnetic wax nozzle., where edible wax is sprayed. The interval time and wax spraying time can be set freely. After spraying, the rotated brush rollers will make the wax sprayed homogeneously spread on the fruit.

Machine Parts 4

Name: Hot air drying wax part
Structure:Heated by natural gas burner/electric heating  and intelligent temperature controller is installed. The temperature controller can be set freely and automatic temperature control.The temperature in the drying tunnel is from low to high. and the wind in the tunnel is closed inner loop. Centrifugal blower to achieve the internal hot and cold air convection.Transport the waxed fruit in the drying box, and let the surface water evaporated. The drying process could improve the brightness of the fruit.

Machine Parts 5
Name: Automatic loader for sorting machine
Structure: Use conveyor receive fruit after hot air drying process, and lift fruit to a higher level, i.e. conveyor of sorting machine automaticly.

Machine Parts 6

Name: Electronic sorting machine
Structure: Siemens color touch screen display, PLC, Weighing module, TOLEDO Weighing sensor

Our Service
Pre-Sales Service
* Inquiry and consulting support. 
* Sample testing support. 
* View our Factory.

After-Sales Service

* Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine. 
* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
Packing & Delivery


Packaging Details

Wrapping film and PE foam sheet packing. 

Q:. Why I choose your company?

A: 1) We are one of the leading manufacturers of packing materials and related machinery .

2) Our company has made foam machine about 20 years with strong experience and advanced technique

3) Best Quality & Best Service with Competitive price. 1 year guarantee and lifetime maintenance

4) We have CE certificate and ISO 9001

5) We have Professional technical team, and will supply 24 hours service

Q: What should we prepare for Fruit & Vegetable Washing Waxing and Sorting Machine

A:You should prepare workshop, water line, electric line, gas

We would supply workshop layout drawing for you

Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?

A: Our factory is located in Longkou city, Shandong province, you can fly to Yantai Laishan Airport.When you confirm the flight No. and time, please tell me then we will pick you up at Airport.

Our Company
Ce/ISO9001 Standard Citrus Sizing Machine

Factory History
Founded in 1994, start with making PE foam net machine and fruit grading machine, during twenty five years of development, now has developed CE certified PS foam food container production line, Robot Arm Vacuum Forming Machine, EPE foam equipment, Fruits Cleaning, Waxing & Grading Machine, PE Cap Liner Foam Sheet Extrusion Line, PE/PS Recycling machine, totally more than 20 kinds of machines.


We are located in Longkou City, Shandong Province, China. The traffic is very convenient, it is only 45mins far from Yantai Penglai International Airport by car, and 1.5h from Yantai High-speed rail station. And adjacent to the Qingdao seaport.

Fabricating Machinery

Fabricating machinery is the lifeblood of a production factory. We continues to introduce high-end processing equipment, performs near-perfect processing in accordance with its highly advantageous production process, and uses cutting-edge inspection equipment to perform rigorous inspections in all directions and in the entire process, ensuring product quality. The quality of reliability reflects the international level of the product.

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