Centrifugal Casting High-Cr Steel Rolls

Centrifugal Casting High-Cr Steel Rolls


Tangshan XianLong Metallurgical Roll Co., Ltd. (XL-Rolls) was established in the year 1985 as a customer centric company in steel industry with advanced, robust, and highly efficient products. Gradually, through stringent quality control and excellent customer care service, we built a strong reputation for high quality products and conducting business ethically with complete integrity.
We manufacture High-Quality replacement rolls for most Roller Mill. And our roll diameters range from 8 to 55-inches in commonly used lengths(Max 118 inches) to meet your requirements. Each of our roll manufacturing facilities has the expertise, equipment and experience to meet the most demanding rolling mill applications. XL-Rolls is most diverse roll manufacturer. Supplying rolls up to 35 tons to customers around the world. 

 Products Specifications

ClassificationCSiMnP/WS/VCrNiMo Other
Neck Tensile Strength
HSS1.5~2.20.3~1.00.4~1.2N/0~8N/2~93~80~1.52~8N75-9530-45 ≥400
S-HSS (semi)0.6~1.20.8~1.50.5~1.0N/0~3N/0.4~33~90.2~1.22~5N75-9530-45 ≥400
HCr Steel1~1.80.4~1.00.5~1.0N/NN/N8~150.5~1.51.5~4.5N70-8535-45 ≥400
HCr Iron - A2.3~3.30.3~1.00.5~1.2 ≤1.0/N ≤0.5/N12~150.7~1.70.7~1.50~0.0660-7532-45 ≥400/200
HCr Iron - B2.3~3.30.3~1.00.5~1.2 ≤1.0/N ≤0.5/N15~180.7~1.70.7~1.50~0.0665-8032-45 ≥400/200
HCr Iron - C2.3~3.30.3~1.00.5~1.2 ≤1.0/N ≤0.5/N18~220.7~1.71.5~3.00~0.0675-9032-45 ≥400/200
SGP - A2.9~3.61.4~2.20.4~1.0 ≤0.1/N ≤0.03/N0.1~0.61.5~2.00.2~0.8N45-5535-55 ≥450
SGP - B2.9~3.61.2~2.00.4~1.0 ≤0.1/N ≤0.03/N0.2~1.02.01~2.50.2~0.8N55-6535-55 ≥450
SGP - C2.9~3.61.0~2.00.4~1.0 ≤0.1/N ≤0.03/N0.2~1.22.51~3.00.2~0.8N62-7235-55 ≥450
SGA - A2.9~3.61.2~2.20.2~0.8 ≤0.1/N ≤0.03/N0.2~1.03.01~3.50.5~1.0N55-7832-45 ≥350
SGA - B2.9~3.61.0~2.00.2~0.8 ≤0.1/N ≤0.03/N0.3~1.53.51~4.50.5~1.0N60-8032-45 ≥350
ICDP(CrMo)2.9~3.60.6~1.20.4~1.2 ≤0.25/N ≤0.08/N0.6~1.2N0.2~0.6N50-7035-55 ≥160
ICDP(NiCrMo)A2.9~3.60.6~1.20.4~1.2 ≤0.25/N ≤0.08/N0.7~1.20.5~1.00.2~0.6N55-7235-55 ≥160
ICDP(NiCrMo)B2.9~3.60.6~1.20.4~1.2 ≤0.25/N ≤0.08/N0.7~1.21.01~2.00.2~0.6N55-7235-55 ≥160
ICDP(NiCrMo)C2.9~3.60.6~1.20.4~1.2 ≤0.25/N ≤0.05/N0.7~1.22.01~3.00.2~1.0N65-7832-45 ≥350
ICDP(NiCrMo)D2.9~3.60.6~1.50.4~1.2 ≤1.0/N ≤0.05/N1.0~2.03.01~4.80.2~1.0N70-8332-45 ≥350
ICDP(NiCrMo)E2.9~3.60.6~1.50.4~1.2 ≤1.0/N ≤0.05/N1.0~2.03.01~4.80.2~2.00~2.077-8532-45 ≥350
Graphitic Steel A1.3~1.51.3~1.60.5~1.0 ≤0.035/N ≤0.030/N0.4~1.0N0.2~0.5N36-46 ≤50 ≥500
Graphitic Steel B1.4~1.61.0~1.70.6~1.0 ≤0.035/N ≤0.030/N0.6~1.00.2~1.00.2~0.5N40-50 ≤50 ≥500
Graphitic Steel C1.5~1.70.8~1.50.6~1.0 ≤0.035/N ≤0.030/N0.5~1.50.2~1.00.2~0.8N45-55 ≤50 ≥500
Graphitic Steel D1.8~2.00.8~1.50.6~1.0 ≤0.035/N ≤0.030/N0.5~2.00.6~2.00.2~0.8N50-65 ≤50 ≥500
Cast Steel 600.55~0.650.2~0.60.5~1.0 ≤0.035/N ≤0.030/N0.8~1.20.2~1.50.2~0.6N35-45 ≤45 ≥600
Cast Steel 650.6~0.70.2~0.60.5~0.8 ≤0.035/N ≤0.030/N0.8~1.20.2~0.50.2~0.45N35-45 ≤45 ≥600
Cast Steel 70A0.65~0.750.2~0.450.9~1.2 ≤0.035/N ≤0.030/NNNNN35-45 ≤45 ≥600
Cast Steel 70B0.65~0.750.2~0.451.4~1.8 ≤0.035/N ≤0.030/NNNNN35-45 ≤45 ≥600
Cast Steel 70C0.65~0.750.2~0.451.4~1.8 ≤0.035/N ≤0.030/NNN0.2~0.45N35-45 ≤45 ≥600
Cast Steel 75A0.7~0.80.2~0.450.6~0.9 ≤0.035/N ≤0.030/N0.75~1.0N0.2~0.45N35-45 ≤45 ≥600
Cast Steel 75B0.7~0.80.2~0.70.7~1.0 ≤0.035/N ≤0.030/N0.8~1.5 ≥0.20.2~0.6N35-45 ≤45 ≥600
High Alloy Cr3~Cr50.4~0.750.3~0.60.4~0.8 ≤0.035 ≤0.0302.5~5.50.4~1.00.2~0.60.01~2-34-45 ≥500
Adamite AD140A1.3~1.50.3~0.60.7~1.4 ≤0.035/N ≤0.030/N0.8~1.6N0.2~0.6N38-48/45-55 ≤50 ≥490
Adamite AD140B1.3~1.50.3~0.60.7~1.1 ≤0.035/N ≤0.030/N0.8~1.20.5~1.20.2~0.6N35-45/40-50 ≤50 ≥490
Adamite AD160A1.5~1.70.3~0.60.7~1.1 ≤0.035/N ≤0.030/N0.8~1.2N0.2~0.6N40-50 ≤50 ≥490
Adamite AD160B1.5~1.70.3~0.60.8~1.3 ≤0.035/N ≤0.030/N0.8~2.0 ≥0.20.2~0.6N40-50/50-60 ≤50 ≥490
Max dia. 1400mm.   Max Barrel Length 3000mm.   Max wt. 30t.

Centrifugal Casting High-Cr Steel RollsCentrifugal Casting High-Cr Steel RollsCentrifugal Casting High-Cr Steel Rolls
     A) Who we are?
      -We are manufacturer, founded in 1985.

B) Why choose us?
      -More then 30 years, that means we have advantages in good quality and technical experience.
C) What is the difference between trading company and us?
     - Quick and stable delivery time; competitive price; certificate of ISO9001 and factory audited by BV; good after-sale service, etc.
D) Which port to deliver cargos?
     Usually, Tianjin port (Xingang port)
E) How about our production capacity?
 -30,000 tons per year!

For more information & details, please visit our website: tsxlzg.en.made-in-china.com