Champion PP/PE/ABS Thick Board/Plate/Sheet Extrusion Making Machine/Production Line

Product Description

CHAMPION MACHINERY ---- PP/PE thick board extrusion line
CHAMPION MACHINERY ---- ABS/HIPS thick board extrusion line

The extrusion PP/PE thick boards are resistant to impact, corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, smooth surface appearance, low density, light weight, easy processing, good dimensional stability, rigidity, good heat resistance Will produce gas.

· PP board: Widely used in chemical industry, food industry, anticorrosive industry, purification industry, environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, etc.

· PE board: Widely used in chemical industry, electric power and other industries. HDPE board can also be used in machinery and chemical equipment as engineering plastics.

· ABS board: ABS skin-grain board, ABS inferior smooth leather grain board, flame retardant board, usually used for roof of cars/buses, car dashboard, window frame of cars, also for trip suitcases, bags, etc.

Champion PP/PE/ABS Thick Board/Plate/Sheet Extrusion Making Machine/Production Line
Champion PP/PE/ABS Thick Board/Plate/Sheet Extrusion Making Machine/Production Line
Champion PP/PE/ABS Thick Board/Plate/Sheet Extrusion Making Machine/Production Line


Champion PP/PE/ABS Thick Board/Plate/Sheet Extrusion Making Machine/Production Line
Appropriate single-screw extruder (exhaust or not) or Parallel twin screws extruder, should be chosen on the basis of different materials. Specially designed screw and advanced temperature controlling system ensure the good plasticization, high output and stable extruding.

Hard screw and barrel, special structure design of screw for PP/PE material. 100% recycled material possible.

Whole-zone temperature monitoring, pressure monitoring.

Automatic material feeding system.

Control system

Intelligence, simpleness, stability, efficiency. Adopt SIEMENS S7-1500 controlling system, equipped with Siemens frequency, Siemens servo for drive part. Through the Profinet network link, the controlling system is more credible, stable and efficient.

Product Parameters


Extruder model typeSingle screw extruder, Twin screw extruder
MaterialPE, PP
Plate width1200-2000mm
Plate thickness3-30mm
Output capacity450-950kg/h


Packaging & Shipping


PACKAGINGPlastic film + Stretch film + Wooden case
SHIPPINGWe place and fix the machines well into the container and check carefully before closing the container so as to ensure everything is ok for the shipment. (Use steel wire to fix machine and drying agent).
We care for each and every point so that our clients could receive the machines in perfect situation.


Champion PP/PE/ABS Thick Board/Plate/Sheet Extrusion Making Machine/Production Line

Our Advantages

1. Profession: Zhejiang Champion Machinery only make plastic extruder since 2006s, extensive experience and professional team ensure our leading position in plastic extruder industry.

2. Quality: The quality of products is footstone of enterprise's constant development, always endeavoring to do still better, quality comes first, developing & innovative is our responsibilities;

3. Delivery: We optimize factory management, and improve production flow so as to shorten production period for you in biggest extent;

4. Cost control: We do best to lower down production cost by our inner management improvement, so as to ensure that our products are competitive enough in the market, and to realize higher performance-price ratio of our products.

After Sales Service

The complete line is controlled by PLC. Adopt SIEMENS frequency servo controlling system and ethernet transmission technology to achieve high efficiency, high precision, high stability and high security. In case of equipment failure, we can locate the errors quickly and remote maintenance. Channel-level diagnosis and error analysis can be realized by HMI, which greatly reduces debugging and production downtime. High digital system makes debugging easier and maintenance more convenient.

IN PRODUCTIONa. Supply layout drawing to clients for preparation; 
b. Suggest a suitable building project for pipelines, electric wiring, air pipes, cooling cycle water, etc; 
c. Keep the clients be informed of the production status;
AFTER-SALEa. Send engineers to overseas for installation, commissioning and training;
b. Supply extruding products' material formula, recommend an excellent supplier of the raw material per clients' requests; 
c. Offer help if any need from clients like spare parts need etc; 
d. Supply necessary technical support at request;

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