China Linear Guideway Vertical Machining Center Vmc850 with Fanuc GSK

China Linear Guideway Vertical Machining Center Vmc850 with Fanuc GSK

Mechanicial structure performance:
 Body: high grade cast iron, treated by long time natural aging
 Column:Using herringbone structure to ensure that the machine is still rigid during heavy cutting.   
 Spindle: Using the NSK angular contact bearing to ensure the cutting force isstrong and smooth in the whole speed range
  Guide rail:Precision linear guide rail, roller linear guide rail
 Balance:Z axis motor drive directly.
Screw: High precision ball screw,adopts the pre streching structure, so that the three axis have better dynamic striffness and resistance to thermal deformation
Rail with full protect, machine with full cover.
Tool magazine:Rotary disc type, tool selection method is arbitrary,and automatically provides the nearest path for the next change of tool, thus reducing the non cutting time.


Standard Configuration:
Roller linear guide railways for three axis
Hand pulser
Cooling system, cutting water tank
24 knives rotary disc type tool magazine
Belt type spindle
Full protect cover
High pressure water gun, air gun
The Unclamping cylinder
Working lamp, mechanical abnormal condition warning lamp
Oil-water separator
Adjustment pads and bolts
Spindle blowing device
Electric box heat exchanger
Automatic lubrication system
380V/220V 50HZ transformer
Automatic power off function
Automatic centering function

 Main Technical Parameters:

StrokeX axismm800
Y axismm500
Z axismm500
Distance from spindle nose to worktable surfacemm120-620
Distance from spindle center to guide railway surfacemm550
WorktableMode Tslot
SpindleTaper#ISO 7:24 No.40
Inside bearing diametermm70
Power transmission mode Belt type
MovementThree axis rapid movementm/min48/48/48
Cutting feedmm/min1-12,000
Manual feed ratemm/min0~1260
Min. input unitmm0.001
Tool magazine
Tool numberpcs24
holder size BT40
Tool selection method Two-way
Time for tool to toolsecT-T:1.8sec
Max.diameter between adjacent toolmm130
Length of toolmm300
Weight of toolKg15
Rivet modeldegree45
MotorFor Spindle(30min/continue)KW7.5/11
X/Y/Z axisKW3/3/3
Repeat positionmm±0.005
Guide railway
Mode  Roller linear guide
for three axis
Ball screw
Pitch 16/16/16
Tank volumeCutting fluid boxL350
Lubrication systemL3
CYC systemModel FANUC Oi-Mf
OtherAir pressurekg/cm²5-7
Machine sizemm2500*2200*2500
Packing sizemm2500*2200*2500


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