CNC Beams Drilling Machine Drilling Machine for Beams Channel Steel Drilling Machine

Applicable industry:
Used for the drilling processing of H-shape steel, box beam and channel steel of steel structure, bridge, three dimensional garage and petrol platform. It is designed for medium size steel fabricators desiring to increase profitability and throughput (tons-per-month) in today's extremely competitive market.

Product feature:

  1. Equipped with three drilling units, three drilling units can drill holes simultaneously and adopt self-controlled stroke drilling head.
  2. No need to set thickness of work piece and length of drill bits, it will do fact-feeding or feeding automatically by sensor signal, and with high efficiency.
  3. Frame made of sturdy electro-welded and normalized Plates and Square Beams. The structure with roller guides on which the sliders supporting the three spindles guarantees the total moving stability, and ensures the working precision;
  4. This machine can read AUTOCAD drawings and lofting software files automatically, such as DXF, NC1.
  5. Equipped with automatic lubrication system and air conditioner for electric cabinet.
  6. Equipped with automatic feeding systems, which will clamp and feed material into machine automatically.
  7. PLC systems, programming based on WINDOWS, fast and convenient programming, and visual previewing.
  8. Drilling units equip with famous brand spindle motor.
  9. The key mechanical, hydraulic and electric parts are all famous brands.


Working environment
Working temperature:0ºC ~ 40ºC
Power:Three phase four wire system
AC Voltage:380V (±10%)
Frequency:60 Hz


Workpiece sizeH-beams Max. (web height×flange width)Max.1000x5001250x600
Length (mm)≥2000
Drill dia. (mm)Vertical drillingΦ12~Φ33.5
Horizontal drillingΦ12~Φ26.5
Spindle units Qty. of spindleOne spindle on each of three sides (top,left,right) Total: 3 spindles
Rotation speed (rpm)120~560
Spindle motor power(kW)3x4 kW
Max. feeding stroke (mm) Left,Right:140     Vertical: 325
Feeding speed(mm/min)20~300
Movement of left/right spindle (mm)
In the direction of workpiece length::520
  Above vertical base-level:30~470Above vertical base-level:30~570
Movement of top spindle(mm)
In the direction of workpiece length:520
 Beyond horizontal base-level:45~910Beyond horizontal base-level:45~1160
MarkingQty. of characters 36 characters
Character size(mm)Φ10
Overall dimensions(LxWxH)(mm)About 4550x3050x3520About 4800x3050x3520
Total power (kW)34
Machine weight (Kg)About 7000About 8000


The price including Longitudinal Conveyor :
1. 24 meters roller type conveyors (12m before main machine, 12m after machine)
2. Hydraulic pipes used for connecting each section
3. Automatic feeding device with clamps in front feeding conveyors for feeding work piece.


The optional parts :
(Price not including those two parts as below, customer can choose according to their needs )


Cross Conveyors
(1)Chain-type conveyors with buggies for lift & transfer profiles
(2)1 set includes 4 pieces cross conveyor sections connected with 3 sets of synch-movement axial bar-connector
(3)Hydraulic station + hydraulic motors


Marking unit

No. of Characters36 characters
Character Size14 x 10 mm
Force Capacity12.5 ton

 Main Components:

Main Electric Components:
2Servo MotorJapan YASKAWA
3Servo DriverJapan YASKAWA
4Rotary encoderJapan OMRON
5Proximity SwitchNormal OpenAUTONICS
Normal Close
6TransducerGermany REXROTH
7Photoelectric SwitchAUTONICS
8 Low-voltage electrical parts(Switches,Push button,
Breaker,Indicator light, Contactor switch and so on)
Germany SIMENS
Main Hydraulic Pressure Components:
1Hydraulic valvesSolenoid valveItaly ATOS
Reducing valve
Overflow valve (and so on)
Main Mechanical Components:
1Ball screwHIWIN
2Linear guideHIWIN
Other components:
1Spraying cooling pumpAmerica BIJUR
2NozzleAmerica BIJUR
3Pneumatic two coupletAirTac

Note: The above parts are supplied by our Approved Suppliers. If encounter special situation, we will take replace with same or higher quality level parts.

 Spare Parts List:

NO.Name Qty.Remark
1Quick change chuck3 sets Installed in machine.
without holder
2Extension rod (MORSE 3# )3 Installed in machine.
Total length 150mm
3Extension rod (MORSE 4# )1 Installed in machine.
Total length 150mm
4Reducing Morse Taper Sleeve  3 
5Drill extension rod (MORSE 3#)1 Installed in machine.
Total length 330mm
6Drill extension rod (MORSE 3#)1 Installed in machine.
Total length 480mm
7Extension rod2Installed in machine.
8Extension rod2Installed in machine.
9Pressure head4Installed in machine.
10Inner hexagon screw4Installed in machine.
11Inner hexagon screw4Installed in machine.
12Bolt4For installation
13Washer1setFor installation
14Steel expansion bolt16For installation
15O type seal ring1setFor installation
16Grease thruster1 

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