CNC High Speed H Beam Drilling Machine

CNC High Speed H Beam Drilling Machine                            1250 TYPE H-BEAM PROFILE CNC DRILLING LINE
  1. Introduction:

The production line is mainly used in drilling and sawing of H beam, U beam which are applied in the fields, such as construction, bridge, boiler, stereo garage,offshore drilling platform and, specially, in steel structure which requires high precision and easy operation. This is machine is necessary for steel structure fabrication.

  1. Structure and configuration:

The combination production line consists of XT-SWZ1250 drilling line and XT-YJC1250 Band Saw, two pairs of infeed in and outfeed conveyors ,and one CNC control device and two side conveyors, along with electrical system, hydraulic system, air cooling and lubrication.
The combination line adopts Z form arrangement that the drilling line and the band saw are installed in parallel and connected by transverse convey0r. Each of the two infeed conveyors equips a NC feeder dolly with servo motor on the datum side and side push device to push the workpiece to the datum side; the drilling line equips an automatic transverse conveyor to upload workpiece; the outfeed  conveyor equips roller to move the workpiece out of the process zone and to the transverse conveyor.
In the working process, the personal should lift the workpiece to the automatic transverse conveyor, after the workpiece is uploaded to the infeed conveyor from the transverse conveyor, the side push moves the workpiece to to the datum side, and the dolly moves the workpiece to the processing zone to drill, after the drilling, the roller moves the workpiece to the outfeed conveyor, the transverse  conveyor which connects drilling line and band saw moves the workpiece from the outfeed of the drilling line to the infeed of the band saw to cut the workpiece, after the cutting the workpiece is downloaded to the outfeed, and the transverse  conveyor of the band saw moves the workpiece out of the processing zone.
The process sequence is from drilling to cutting, the long workpiece which is meant to process into several pieces can be drilled integrally and then cut in to pieces. The transverse conveyor between two lines in Z form arrangement can can adjust the process speed. The Z form arrange let these two lines work both together and separately, when one of them is in maintaining the another line can work independently.

  1. Configuration

The combination line line includes dolly, dolly track, feed conveyor, feeding line, SWZ1250 drilling line, YJC1250 band saw, electrical control system, hydraulic system, air cooling system, lubrication and etc.
     Terms to explain:
1. Dolly: driven by servo motor with gear box via rack and pinion, the workpiece is clamped by the jaw in order to lengthwise infeed and positioning.
2. Dolly track: bear dolly to infeed, this track can by customized.     
3. Feed conveyor: consist of infeed conveyor and outfeed conveyor to bear and output the workpiece.
4. Feeding line: this transverse line consists of four in feed frames to automatically upload workpiece.
5. SWZ1250 drilling line: 3D drilling machine has three drilling heads with spindle. The side drilling head has vertical positioning, and vertical drilling head has radial positioning.
6. YJC1250 Band saw: equip two-pillar-closed structure, linear guide, possess high stiffness and efficiency.
7. Hydraulic system: equip with oil tank, low pressure pump set, cooler, main valve block and other control valve unit.
8. Electrical control system: with PLC and computer, two sets of it.
9. Hydraulic system:control hydraulic movements and support hydraulic power.
10. Air cooling system:adopt mist cooling for drilling line, band saw adopts water cooling.
11. Lubrication: VERSA lubricating system, support linear guide, guide screw, bearing and etc., some other parts of this line apply artificial lubricating.
Please see the attachment of arrangement. 

  1. Introduction&Application:

The machine is mainly used for processing holes on H-beam, Channel beam with Angle beam and plate drilling and marking processing, high speed, the positioning, feeding of three spindles are all driven by servo motor. It adopts spindle servo motor, controls by YOKOGAWA PLC., and in-feeding by CNC carriage, high efficiency, and high precision; and it is wildly used in construction, bridge and tower mast & rack, with other industries.


  1. Machine feature:

1), The whole machine is optimized integrated design, with high quality machine body and drilling units, which ensure high stability and high rigidity when high speed drilling. This machine is mainly composed of main machine, CNC sliding table (3), drilling spindle box (3), clamping device, detection device, cooling system, scrap box, hydraulic station, lubrication system, Tool Magazine(optional), marking unit (optional).

2), The main machine is welded by square pipe. The structure of main machine is strengthened where the stress is greater. After welding, artificial aging treatment was carried out. All these ensure the stability of the main machine and then ensure accuracy of the whole machine.
3), There are three CNC sliding tables: fixed side CNC sliding table, movable side CNC sliding table and intermediate CNC sliding table. The three sliding tables are similar in structure and are composed of sliding plate, sliding table and servo drive system.
4), There are six CNC axes on the three sliding tables, including three feeding CNC axes and three positioning CNC axes. Each CNC axle is guided by precise linear rolling guide, driven by AC servo motor and ball screw, which ensures positioning accuracy.
5), There are three spindle boxes,  which are mounted on three NC sliding tables for horizontal and vertical drilling. Each drilling spindle box can drill both separately and simultaneously.

6), Used high-speed precision spindle from Taiwan's well-known brand, model BT, which can meet the using demand of both hard alloy and high-speed steel drill. Every CNC axes are guided by the heavy loading roller linear guide, driven by the servo motor and roller screw which ensure the rigidity and positional accuracy.
7). Also equips with hydraulic tool cylinder, using hydraulic -disc spring to do automatic tool de-clamping, tool pulling, with tool status monitoring device to check the tool clamping and effective safety co-locking protection device. Easy to change tools. The spindle is driven by spindle servo and timing belt, reducing ratio i=2 , spindle speed is 0~3000r/min, large rotation speed range.
8), The workpiece is fixed by hydraulic clamping method. There are five hydraulic cylinders, which are clamped horizontally and vertically. Horizontal clamping consists of fixed side datum and moving side clamping, fixed side datum is fixed, moving side clamping is driven by large cylinder sliding table, guided by linear guide rail, moving towards the fixed side to clamp the workpiece horizontally; vertical clamping is on both fixed side and moving side, and each cylinder drives the pressure bar to move up and down in four positions. The workpiece is clamped vertically.
9), The machine is fed by a NC carriage. The NC carriage is decelerated by the servo motor through the reducer and then passes through the gear rack to driven a laser alignment device. When the workpiece is fed in, the workpiece can be detected and then fed back to realize the precise positioning of the workpiece.
10), Cooling system: using air-fog cooling, with the internal and external cooling. Each drilling spindle box is equipped with its own external cooling nozzle and internal cooling joint, which can be selected according to the needs of drilling holes. Internal and external cooling can be used independently or simultaneously.
11), Chip collecting box: Universal caster guide, easy to carry.
12), The hydraulic system is for auto tool device of ram type drilling box,Horizontal clamping, vertical clamping, side pushing and power raceway, unified oil supply; all the hydraulic units are from imported brands or joint venture companies, for easy maintenance and solving oil leaking, all the design adopts accumulative valves.If marking unit is equipped, there is also an independent hydraulic station for marking unit action.
13), Machine equips with auto lubrication system, automatic pump the lubrication oil into and do fully lubrication for each and every part of linear guide, ball screw nuts and every rolling bearings etc at regular time, no need manual lubrication, increase the parts life and save time. All the lubrication pump and units are using famous brands.
14), Tool Magazine(optional):Installed 3 inline type tool magazine, which realize the automatic tool change, also meet the demand of drilling multiple diameter's hole. Oil spray and air spray cooling, has inner cooling and outer cooling efficacy.
15), Marking unit(optional): The marking unit adopts the disc typing structure, 0-9, A-Z, 36 characters are distributed on the disc, and the position is selected by the servo motor.
16), The control system is FACTORY PLC. Strong anti-interference, high precision, because of the digital communication, thus overcome the defect of easy be interference in traditional pulse analog transmission.
17), In order to ensure the accuracy, reliability and stability of transmission system, electrical system, hydraulic system, all the key components are from international famous brand.

  1. Main Specification:
Workpiece sizeH BeamWeb x Flange (mm)150x80~1250x600
U BeamWebxFlange (mm)150x80~1250x400
Box BeamWebxFlange (mm)150x80~1250x400
Angle BeamWebxFlange (mm)200x200x16
 Max. Thickness(mm)≤80
Max. material length(mm)12000
Short material limitingmmAutomatic processing≥3000
Manual processing: 690~3000
SpindleSpindle Axis3
Spindle taperBT40
Spindle rotation speed(r/min)
Stepless speed regulation
Max. hole diameter(mm) Fixed Side,
Moving Side
8 - 40 (Carbide and U-drill)
40 - 50 (U-drill only)
(High Speed)
Intermediate Unit
Center line movement scope(mm) Center slide table/
Horizontal direction
Fixed side/movement side
Vertical direction
3 Positioning CNC axis moving speedm/min0-10m/min
3 feed CNC axis moving speedm/min0-5m/min
Web width detection strokemm1100
Web height detection strokemm290
Motor powerSpindle motor power (KW)3*11
Servo motor power of 3 Pcs feeding Axis(KW)3*2
Servo motor power of 3 Positioning Axis (KW)3*1.5
Feeding TrolleyFeeding trolley servo motor(KW)5
Maximum feeding speed(m/min)20m/min
Maximum feeding weight(Tonnes)10T
Control systemCNC SystemJapan YOKOGAWA PLC
CNC Axis Quantity7
Hydraulic systemMax. Hydraulic Pressure (MPa)7.5
Motor power(KW)5.5
Cooling systemNo. of  Nozzle3
Pressure of compressed air (Mpa)≥0.5
Cooling wayInternal Cooling & External Cooling
Tool Magazine(optional)Tool Magazine Quantity3
Tools quantity for each Magazine4 Pieces
Marking unit(optional)No. of Characters36 Characters
Characters SizeΦ10 mm
Imprinting Depth0.8~1.5mm
Position servo motor(KW)0.75
Working environmentWorking powerThree phase four wire system 380±10%V, 50HZ
Control power220±10%V 50HZ
Operate power24V DC
Working temperature0ºC ~ 40ºC
Humidity of environment≤75%
Overall dimension(L×W×H)(mm)About 6000×2100×3400
Main Machine weight (Kg)About 8000

  1. Numerical control feeding and clamping device (feeding trolley):

The production line adopts CNC trolley for feeding. The CNC feeding device is driven by a gear rack and pinion after being decelerated by a servo motor with accurate positioning. The bed feed port is equipped with a photoelectric through-beam switch. When the workpiece is fed, the X-axis reference line of the workpiece feeding direction can be quickly found, and the X-axis positioning can be performed based on this, so as to realize the precise positioning of the workpiece

  1. Electrical System:

1), Overview:
The electrical control system used in this production line takes PLC programmable controller, motion control module, input/output module, high-speed counting module) as the control core, and is equipped with a higher-level computer, AC servo drive system, and frequency conversion speed regulation system. The system is equipped with 8 CNC axes.
  Siemens PLC is used to control the positioning of each CNC axis, workpiece detection and drilling and other machine tools. The PLC control system realizes high-speed processing and improves the response speed of the system; the upper computer software is independently developed by our company based on the Windows operating system using VB6.0 development software, which is used to edit and transfer the workpiece program, monitor the processing status of the machine tool, and adjust the machine parameters. .

2), Main functions and features:
a. The CNC feeding device (feeding trolley) adopts full closed loop control to ensure the feeding accuracy during long-distance feeding; other positioning CNC axes adopt semi-closed loop control to ensure the positioning accuracy and stability of the machine tool.
b. Real-time monitoring function. The system can monitor the status of the machine tool and work progress and other related information in real time. The user can understand the fault information of the machine tool and troubleshoot the fault based on the real-time monitoring.
c. A variety of workpiece programming methods. The system can be programmed manually, and the host computer software provides a variety of programming templates, which users can choose according to actual needs; the system can also recognize DXF format data and program automatically.
d. Graphic display function. This function can display information such as the position and aperture of the edited hole on the workpiece. The user can check the correctness of the programming through the graphic display function to prevent losses due to programming errors.

3), Electrical parameters:
  Power supply type:   Three-phase alternating current
   Voltage:   380±10%V
   Frequency:  50 HZ
   Total capacity:  about 35 KVA

  1. Hydraulic system:

1), Overview:
The hydraulic system is a low-pressure circuit, which is composed of an oil tank, a motor, a medium and high-pressure variable vane pump, an oil cylinder, a pressure control valve, a speed regulating valve, an electromagnetic reversing valve, a pressure oil filter and a hydraulic pipeline. Under the control of the electric numerical control system, the circuit drives each oil cylinder to complete pressing, drilling and other actions.
The pressure oil filter is used in this system to filter out the dirt in the loop and increase the stability of the loop.
2), Main parameters:
1. Oil pump motor: 2.2 kW
2. Oil pump pressure adjustment: 3.5~4MPa

  1. Key components:

In order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the machine tool, the key components of this production line, such as ball screws, cooling parts, hydraulic valves, servo motors, frequency converters, encoders, drag chains, cables, switches, etc., all adopt world-renowned brands.

  1. Main Components List :
Main Electric Component
1Control systemJapan FACTORY PLC
2Servo MotorJapan Panasonic
3Servo DriverJapan Panasonic
4Spindle motorBrand of China
5ComputerLenovo China
6Rotary encoderWeidmuller
7Proximity SwitchNormal OpenBrand of china
Normal Close
8Proximity switchBrand of china
9Photoelectric SwitchGermany SICK
Main Hydraulic Pressure Components
1Hydraulic valves(Main)Italy ATOS
Main Mechanical Components
1Ball screwTaiwan
2Linear guideTaiwan
3Precision spindleTaiwan
Other components
1Spraying cooling pumpARMORINE
3Pneumatic two coupletAirTac

Note: The above parts are supplied by our Approved Suppliers. If encounter special situation, we will take replace with same or higher quality level parts.

  1. Spare Parts List:
1Proximity switchNormal open1Brand of china
2Proximity switchNormal close1Brand of china
3Indexable insert drillΦ303YESTOOL
6Tools holderBT40-32,300mm3MADE IN CHINA
9Tools holderBT40xMT43MADE IN CHINA
10HSS twist drill¢403MADE IN CHINA
11Pop-rivetBT40, 45°center cooling3MADE IN CHINA
12Pop-rivetBT40, 45°3MADE IN CHINA
13Clam of Tool Magazine 3 
14Socket head wrench 1 Set 
15Adjustable spanner300mm1 
19Standby paintMain color, warning color2 
20Air gun 1 
21Operation manual 1 
22Packing list 1 
23Certification of conformity 1 
24Spare parts list 1 


CNC High Speed H Beam Drilling MachineCNC High Speed H Beam Drilling Machine

Our certificates:

CNC High Speed H Beam Drilling Machine

CNC High Speed H Beam Drilling Machine

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The seller shall send one engineer to the buyer's country for installation, commissioning and training. The buyer is responsible to provide all necessary equipments for handling and lifting the machine parts before seller's engineers go to the buyer's plant. In addition, the buyer should provide workers to support in installation activities, under supervision from the seller's engineers.


The Supplier should give drawings and other details of material/preparation required for installation of machinery which the buyer has to prepare and keep ready before the machine arrives at the buyer's factory. Installation and commissioning can be finished within 10-15 days for above machine generally. 


Training will include training on computer programming, machine operation and troubleshooting. The training time is at most 5 days for this machine. 

The buyer should arrange no less than two people for accepting training. After training, the buyer should sign the "Receiving & Inspection Report" supplied by the seller to demonstrate the successful finish of commissioning and acceptance of the buyer.

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With the development of XINTIAN SUNSHINE, now our company has occupied important position in this industry. Due to the orders and sales performance is continuously improving, in order to better development, to meet customer's demand, and to provide customers high-quality equipment with the shortest time, our company have bought the new site,the area about 50,000 square metersthis will make sufficient preparation for development of our company and every customer. 


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We are a team of experienced and dynamic professionals who are experts in handling precision work through scientific processes. The professional excellent talents unite a powerful and creative team of design, research and development, which build our solid technical strength and competitiveness. And our company is developing fast and supply specialized service to all customers.

Packing & Delivery
Packing Details  : Packing, this model need 1*40GP;
Delivery Details : 60-90 days after get the first payment.

1. Special logistics packaging
2. Suitable carton size
3. Fasten
4. Professional placement
5. Professional shock
6. Complete package

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XINGTIAN SUNSHINE is focus on quality and company's image. We win market with good quality and service. The company has already passed International Quality Management System ISO9001:2008 certification for many years and also got the CE certificate, smoothly got the title of High and New Tech Enterprises. And has more than ten own intellectual property rights and patent technology. We have own import and export right. Our products exported to Russia, South Asia, South east Asia, Middle East, South America, Africa, Australia, Eastern Europe etc.


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are professional manufactutrer, have in this line about 10 years.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 30-60 days if the goods are not in stock.

Q: What is your terms of payment ?

A: Payment 30% T/T in advance ,70%balance before shippment.


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