CNC Metal Automatic Spinning Machine Lathe for LED Light Cover Hardwares

CNC Metal Automatic Spinning Machine Lathe for LED Light Cover HardwaresCNC Metal Automatic Spinning Machine Lathe for LED Light Cover Hardwares

Product Description

Purpose of Machine Tool
Hongxiang CNC metal spinning machine has 6 series and more than 20 models, which are especially developed to spin lamps, art wares,kitchenwares and auto fittings. This machine is practical, professional and strong. It has high production efficiency and can complete horn, bucket, cone type, parabolic products. It can also process trimming, flanging and rolling at the same machine tool. The machine can spin many materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper etc. It has solved the traditional problems such as lack of skilled workers. With advanced digital control, it is easy to operate. The machine can improve the production efficiency, machining accuracy and saving the cost of human resources. It is the ideal processing machine for light, automobile, military, mechanic and other manufacturing industries.
At the same time, Hongxiang CNC metal spinning machine has a design capacity of independent machines, spinning machines can design special products according to demand, will be the perfect spinning production program delivered to the user.

Standard Configurations & Main Features:

1Guangzhou KY-808xy as standard CNC system which has USB port.
2Meehanite cast iron after aging treatment, with high quality and less deformation.
3Adopted independent spindle unit to ensure good movement precision, stiffness and stability.
4Precision ball screws ensure dynamic performance well and positioning accurately.
5X axis adopts integral two-way ball screw
6Feeding axles are driven by servo motors.
7Integrated automatic lubrication system makes the maintenance more reliable.
8Configuration cooling pump.
9Mobile manual pulse generator makes easy to operate.
10Semi-enclosed s hield.


Machines Pictures

As a good adviser and assistant of clients, we can enable them to get rich and generous returns on their investmentst:

  1. Select equipment model; 
  2. Design and manufacture products according to clients' special requirement; 
  3. Train technical personnel for clients.

CNC Metal Automatic Spinning Machine Lathe for LED Light Cover Hardwares

Spinning Samples

There are a thousand and one application for spinning ranging from the everyday, such as pots and pans, to the exotic, such as  parts for satellites. Spinning are widely found in the lighting, heating and ventilating, bulk storge and transport, food, medical, giftware and automotive Industries.CNC Metal Automatic Spinning Machine Lathe for LED Light Cover Hardwares

Customized Moulds

You can send us the drawing of your working piece so we could customize the mould for you.
If you do not have,it will be ok. The samples will work also as our R&D department could measure them and provide you the CAD drawing to confirm.
CNC Metal Automatic Spinning Machine Lathe for LED Light Cover Hardwares

Free Training in our Workshop

We provide free training in our workshop and customers are welcome to send engineers with manual spinning experience to learn the programming and installation.
CNC Metal Automatic Spinning Machine Lathe for LED Light Cover Hardwares

Packaging & Shipping

CNC Metal Automatic Spinning Machine Lathe for LED Light Cover Hardwares

Our Customers

CNC Metal Automatic Spinning Machine Lathe for LED Light Cover Hardwares


 1.What is metal spinning?

Metal spinning is a rotary forming process for the production of hollow, rotational symmetrical parts in sheet metal. The starting blank is usually a flat disc but may also be a tube or a pressed preform. In a series of sweeps and employing a forming roller, the metal is progressively shaped onto a mandrel conforming to the internal form of the finished part whilst the workpiece is rotated.
2.Why spin rather than press?
In general,spinning offers flexibility with low tooling costs and is widely used for low-to medium-volume production. Depending on the application, spinning can offer major benefits which makes it first choice,even for high-volume production. Production machines can be configured with a range of attachments to produce a finished part in one hit eliminating secondary operations. Each case needs to be examined on its own merits.

3.What metal can be spun?

All ductile metals can be spun and tougher materials can often be spun by the application of heat.

4.Do you accept OEM?

Sure, if you need any requirements, such as color, model,name plate, log, we could fully meet your demands.

5.Can I visit your factory before purchasing?

We sincerely welcome your visit and please let us know your schedule, so we could pick up in the train station or airport.

6.Do you provide installation and training service?

Firstly, we provide free training in our factory for several days, which will depend on different machines.
Secondly, we could send our engineer to customer's factory for installation and training. Customer will cover engineers' round-way ticket, food and accommodation, and also their daily salary.

7.How can I get quotation from you?

You can make the inquiry on Alibaba, or send email (WhatsApp/ We-chat) to us. It is better if you can tell what is your detailed request information. We can relpy to you within 1 hour on work days, and within 4 hours on hoilday.

8.How can I choose right machine and how to assure quality?

You can choose machine on our website according to your request. Or you can let our seller know what is your request specification or what is your parts, so let our seller recommend suitable machine to you. We have to trade machine years, and export machine to over 100 countries.

9.How can I start the order?

You can place the order directly on alibaba or we can send you the proforma invoice with our blank details. After we received the down payment, we will start the production.
When the machine is finished, we will send you the pictures or videos. Or you are warmly welcome to inspect the machine by your own.

10.What is the MOQ?

Our Minimum order quantity is 1 set.

11.Which trade term I can choose?

You can choos Ex-factory, FOB , CFR, CIF, DDU, DDP and other terms.You can book ship or We can book ship for you.

12.How can I make the payment?

We can make the deal on Alibaba online platform, you can pay by T/T or Credit card. You can also pay to my company business bank account. You can also choose L/C or other way.

13.How long does it take to get machine?

If the machine you will order is standing machine, we can ready the machine within 15 days.If special machine, please confirm with our seller. The ship time is about 30 days to Europe, America. If you are from Australia, or Asia, it will be shorter. You can place order according to delivery time and ship time.

14.How about warranty?

A warranty is one year, but we will offer lifetime service for machine.

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